Increase in asthma, bronchitis, influenza and syncytial virus recorded

Increase in asthma, bronchitis, influenza and syncytial virus recorded
Increase in asthma, bronchitis, influenza and syncytial virus recorded

Last minister of Public Health, Plutarch Ariasfound that, at the consultation level, the cases of COVID-19 have begun to decline, but an increase in diagnoses has been noted influenza A and B, as well as virus syncytial in children.

“There was a lot of Covid, but this week influenza has appeared. There is a greater exacerbation of asmaexacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis and emphysema), there is a greater number of influenza Awhich is currently predominating over B and virus “syncytial in children,” said the doctor, who was also president of the Dominican Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery.

These data confirm the information provided this Thursday by the Ministry of Health Public, where the bulletin corresponding to epidemiological week 25 shows a decrease in coronavirus infections with 466 new infections, 318 fewer cases than in the previous week.

According to pulmonologistthe considerable increase in pneumonic processes, asma and bronchitis is due to change climate, decrease in vitamin D the low defense of the human body left by the virus of Covid, which has affected us for four years.

“Right now we are seeing a sequence of virusone after another. The aggressiveness of the virus and their presence has to do with low defense or immunity of the body left by the virus of the COVID-19which caused damage to the mucus and the body’s defense mechanisms at the macrophage level, in the presence of antibodies at high levels after the vaccine, which have already disappeared,” he explained.

The specialist highlighted that, “those virus They are a consequence of lung damage to the immune mechanisms, the presence of climate changes that have occurred and the greenhouse effect.”

To use face mask if he patient is affected

Arias called on symptomatic patients to wear masks if they have symptoms of a viral process, as well as to avoid going to closed spaces to prevent the spread among healthy patients.

In this time of summerwhere they tend to increase trips international flights due to the holiday period, the doctor asked patients to postpone their flights until they have recovered.

“If you have a fever, you have a cough, try not to travel,” he said.

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Cover of Plutarco Arias’ book. (CLAUDIA FERNANDEZ)

Putting into circulation of its book

The doctor expressed himself thus at the launch of his book “Paving the way on the pandemic” COVID-19“, where he explains the damage and consequences left by the virusas well as the experiences, uncertainties and insecurity of the health personnel who at that time were exposed to an unknown disease.

“The objective of the book It is to capture, to remind the population, to remember that Covid exists and that it existed and that it continues to be endemic in the country and that it continues to cause damage, that the consequences that Covid left at the vascular endothelial level, at the cerebral level, at the cardiac level, at the pulmonary level, are multiple, both at the mental health level and in terms of insomnia, that is, the problem is multiple, due to the multi-organ damage it caused,” he said.

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