National Day Mega Parade, Malvinas Veterans and Black Swan Risk

National Day Mega Parade, Malvinas Veterans and Black Swan Risk
National Day Mega Parade, Malvinas Veterans and Black Swan Risk

Fortunately, the Armed Forces are subordinate, once the political decision has been made, and are doing their best to ensure that everything turns out perfectly.

They do not ignore the fact that the official plan was only approved last Friday, which is marked by strong interference from the Military House, which, with the aim of safeguarding presidential security, could end up complicating things.

July 9th Parade.jpeg

The design of the Parade and Parade is complicated.

Many people, little time

The presidential agenda is complicated. Javier Milei will start from the previous night (07/08) with the National vigil in San Miguel de Tucumánthe signing (if the governors attend) of the ‘May Pact’, subsequent return to CABA and early morning wake-up to participate in the solemn Te Deum.

According to the express directives of the presidential sister Karina Milei, the first president will arrive at the central box located on Av. Libertador in front of the Parque República Oriental de Uruguay at 10:55 in order to make the obligatory protocol greetings.

The parade must start at 11:00 sharp and due to the President’s physical endurance it must end at 13:00. If it does not finish on time, Milei will withdraw and leave the ceremony to Vice President Victoria Villarruel, who enjoys this type of activity to the fullest.

Petri’s biggest concern

For the first time since 1982, war veterans will open a military parade as a demonstration of official recognition. Protocol-wise this is not so honourable since in military parades precedence is inversely proportional to importance.

Normally, the most modern force (the Air Force) begins the parade, followed by the Army, with the Horse Grenadiers (which also has a logical reason, since after the horses have passed, stepping onto the parade ground is not at all pleasant).

The real reason for the prelude with veterans is due to to avoid the same embarrassment that Mauricio Macri experienced in 2017 when he was absent from the stage during the parade of the heroes of the country.

No one at this time dares to venture to say whether some of the provisions adopted for the deployment of the ex-combatants on the parade ground will allow us to predict the non-existence of conflicts.

From the VGM office of the Ministry of Defense headed by Colonel VGM (Veteran of the Malvinas War), Jorge ZanellaIt is estimated that around 3,000 war veterans from all over the country will be present at the site and they trust that – without exceptions – they will adhere to the planned protocol.

The main aspects to be taken into account are:

  • Presentation time at the VGM entry point: 09:00.
  • Deadline to enter the parade area: 09:30.
  • Veterans must identify themselves with their ID and the Medal of the National Congress
  • They must be formed according to the armed or security force of which they were a part and not in relation to the units or regiments they formed in 1982.
  • They will have to make a quick pass in front of the state stage, given that time is short and all military units want to be seen by the president.

As soon as they finish passing in front of the platform, they will be removed from the front of the parade and placed to one side to receive honors from the troops marching next. This point generates controversy since many veterans believe that they have the right to make the complete ‘pass’ until the end of the parade.

The Veterans Center

The intention of the organizers is that The bulk of the VGM is integrated by force and not by integrating the ranks of the Veterans Center to which they could belong, however, it is expected that the calls “organizationsclose the passage of the Heroes of the South Atlantic.

Sources from the Ministry of Defense confirmed today that requests have been made from various organizations representing continental veterans, former soldiers mobilized in 1978 for the Beagle conflict, and even military personnel who participated in the Iraq war, in which they participated – albeit in the rearguard – by order of former President Carlos Menem.

All those organizations They will not be able to enter the parade and it is not ruled out that make their complaints heard in the vicinityespecially the self-proclaimed Continental Veterans, who do not receive war pensions or honorary distinctions.

Likewise, and always from official spokespersons of the Ministry of Defense, this reporter was able to learn that Many organizations of real ex-combatants announced that they will not attend because they are politically distant from the political guidelines of the Milei Administration..

The reaction of the La Plata Veterans’ Centre (CECIM), known for its radical positions regarding several of the policies that various presidential administrations have implemented in dealing with the 1982 war, is a real mystery.

In the last few hours the decision was made to leave outside the event to all cadets and first year candidates from the various training institutes and also the personnel of the naval reserve and the army, which was a real cold shower for the members of both organizations.

While Milei and Petri are already savoring their moment of glory, in the military units bronzes, rifles and footwear are being polished. At the same time, the civil and military leaders know that any controversy or disturbance will fall on them. on their backs with the consequent directive of this particular Commander in Chief. Outside!


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