The smell of wet earth: why we like it

The smell of wet earth: why we like it
The smell of wet earth: why we like it

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Have you ever wondered why we enjoy the smell of wet earth so much when it rains?

The “smell of rain” does exist and this very characteristic aroma has a Scientific explanation and a specific name to explain it.

Science has proven that Smells activate a brain connectionl almost instantaneous with emotions. Our olfactory bulb has direct connections with the limbic system and the amygdala, areas linked to the processing and modulation of emotional states.

Perceive A smell can convey a mental imagea physical or emotional response occurs that creates memories in the person.

According to some scientists, our taste for the smell of wet earth is a inheritance from our ancestors For many, rain has always been a source of life and synonymous with survival.

According to anthropologists, our ancestors established a strong positive connection with that smell, which indicated that the dangerous stage of drought had ended and the rain was beginning, which would revive the plants and increase their chances of survival.

Where does the smell of wet earth come from?

The smell of wet earth comes from the mixture of two components.

The first of them is the petricora term coined in 1964 by two Australian scientists, this is the smell that is released when raindrops hit rocks, this creates small bubbles inside the water drop that allow it to rise to the surface, where it breaks and passes into the air in a kind of effervescence of odors.

The second one is about the geosmina It is a molecule produced by bacteria that grows in moist soils and helps decompose organic matter.

However, one more element can be added to this combination, because if there is a thunderstorm, and charged particles appear in the air, these can alter the atmospheric ozone, producing a “burnt” smell.

When this aroma is combined with geosmin and petrichor, it creates the sensation you may recognize as “the smell of a storm.”

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