Banks must disclose their exposure to cryptoassets. When will this happen?

(Switzerland)Global banking regulators have approved templates for banks to disclose their exposure to crypto assets from January 2026. The rules will be unveiled at the end of July. The rules aim to bring more transparency in the banking sector regarding the holding of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

“These disclosures are intended to improve the availability of information and support market discipline,” the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision said in a statement.

The Committee, which met on 2 and 3 July, also made a number of adjustments to the interest rate shocks and associated methodology of its rule on interest rate risk in the banking portfolio and agreed to consult on updating the principles for good management of third-party risk.

In the crypto-asset space, it approved a disclosure framework for banks’ exposures, with a standardized set of public tables and templates that aim to improve the availability of information and support market discipline.

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