UAM 2024 Call: Exam registration dates and requirements

La Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) It is one of the most prestigious public universities in Mexico and is about to make its Second Call for 2024which will be published on July 13.

The call for the second selection process of 2024 It is the official document in which the UAM establishes the requirements and procedures to participate in the selection process.

For this reason, you should read it carefully and completely, since by participating in the process you will be accepting the terms and conditions established therein.

When will the 2nd call for UAM applications be released?

The UAM It is one of the universities with second rounds and these are the official dates of the Second Call UAM 2024:

  1. Publication of the call for applications: 13 Julio
  2. Registration of applicants: July 20 to August 4
  3. Mock exam: August 19-21
  4. Selection exam: August 26th to 30th
  5. Publication of results: September 14
  6. Supplementary list: October 5, 2024

The second round of the UAM call for applications is planned for admission in the autumn term, that is, from October 21. So you will have enough time to prepare and study properly.

On July 13th you can enter this page of the CALL and you will find the general steps for your registration for the exam. It is very important to read the notice in its entirety, as it contains additional instructions.

From July 20 to August 4, on this same page you will be able to access the registration system to start or continue your registration for the degree of your interest.

Requirements that you must consider for the call

Publication of Results and Complementary List

The results are generated digitally and each of the pages is manually verified against the duly authenticated original that remains in the possession of the University. In the event of any dispute, the original will correspond to the original publication.

The supplementary list is implemented in order to use the places left available by selected applicants who do not enroll at the UAM. To select those who will fill these places, the same qualification criteria indicated in the call for applications are used.

Applicants who apply for admission to the spring 2024 term and are not selected may appear on the Supplementary List, so they should consult it on this same page.

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