Student represents the country with an innovative project in Mexico

Student represents the country with an innovative project in Mexico
Student represents the country with an innovative project in Mexico

Shaiel Pérez, 9th grade student at the District Educational Institution (IED) Mother Marcelina, and member of the Ondas program, in Barranquillawas selected to participate in the academic immersion ‘Mission Mexico: Ondas Researchers’, which will take place this year.

Through the development of a prototype of a piezoelectric tile, the Afro-Colombian student was selected by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to represent her Palenque community and her institution at an academic immersion in Mexico City.

For this young dreamer, The route to ‘Mission Mexico’ began in April 2024. Once registered and participating for a direct spot for immersion, Pérez went through an arduous selection process and met the requirements and requirements.

She then presented an interview with girls from other cities in Colombia and finally became one of the participants who will travel to Mexico City to strengthen her knowledge in STEM areas and, of course, in caring for the environment.

For more than 3 years, Shaiel has participated and led the research group of its institution ‘Research Zone’, in line with the ‘Greenzone’ environmental protection agenda.

By learning about areas such as science, technology, mathematics, and skills specific to today’s world, she has strengthened her knowledge, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking, acting as a champion of STEM-focused strategies.

Recognition for the ‘Research Zone’

An initiative of the Ondas program, so that we, as Afro-descendants and indigenous people, can represent our country

It should be noted that ‘Zona de Investigación’ has been recognised internationally and nationally, and has impacted more than a thousand students in its 14 years of operation. Many opt for professional careers with a STEM focus and Shaiel is an example of this.

“When I was 14, I was selected among many young women from Barranquilla to represent our city in ‘Misión México’. An initiative of the Ondas program, so that we, as Afro-descendants and indigenous people, can represent our country with our projects in the face of technological innovation,” Pérez said.

For its part, ‘Mission Mexico’ is aimed at girls, boys and adolescents of any ethnicity, with the main purpose of giving them opportunities to participate in scenarios where science, technology, innovation and sustainability take priority.

In this sense, participants are given various knowledge that helps them evolve or update their prototypes, in order to achieve a greater impact on the community.

Shaiel Pérez, student at the IED Madre Marcelina.

Photo:Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla

The dream starts from school

For 14 years, The IED Madre Marcelina has implemented a research group in its curriculumin which students have developed projects to solve problems of the present century using different approaches such as the environment, robotics and science.

Using the ‘Research Zone’, Shaiel and her colleagues designed a piezoelectric tile, an electronic and functional prototype that generates clean energy from piezoelectric sensors. This type of tile generates electrical energy from the kinetic energy produced when people walk on it.

This project It seeks to first meet the institution’s need to produce sustainable energy and that is why it is planned to be located in the school hallways.

Shaiel’s dream is also to share her technological advances with her ethnic community, generating energy in a more economical way and thus filling the territory where she was born with tools.

Market analysis and research

This achievement commits us to continue adding efforts from the classroom, to promote active participation.

They previously conducted a market analysis and study, and found that, due to the increase in technological tools in the classroom, there had been a high demand for electricity, because the number of students with devices in relation to the institution’s load was higher.

The above, added to the use of air conditioning and the amount of energy they consume. And precisely because of this need that FDI arose the idea of ​​developing a prototype in order to collect sustainable energy.

For Carlos Ramos, a Biology and Chemistry teacher at IED, this achievement by Shaiel commits him to continue working so that children and young people have access to quality education under the STEM approach.

“Knowing the importance of developing scientific skills and access to technology, innovation and science, this achievement commits us to continue joining forces in the classroom to promote the active participation of students, listening to their concerns, which in turn become problematic questions that open up processes of school inquiry. And thus, we begin to create a school from what students think and from their creativity, to close the social gap that exists.”

Mayor Alejandro Char confirmed that Your administration is promoting a new stage with more opportunities of growth so that Barranquilla students continue to be the best in the country.

“The investments we are making in education in our institutions are reflected in the achievements of students who, with their knowledge, learning and talents, take advantage of all the tools of education and technology that we are putting at their service. Every day there are more young people from our public schools who represent us with their knowledge in many parts of the world, because the students of Barranquilla are at another level,” said the president.

Deivis López Ortega

Correspondent for EL TIEMPO


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