Comfama celebrated 70 years of service with an emotional commemorative event

Comfama celebrated 70 years of service with an emotional commemorative event
Comfama celebrated 70 years of service with an emotional commemorative event

In an emotional event held at the Metropolitan Theater of Medellin, Comfama commemorated its first 70 years as a family compensation fundThe celebration not only paid tribute to three of its founders and the nine directors who have guided the institution during these seven decades, but also recognized the work of 45 companies and the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (Andi), which were fundamental in its creation.

The event, chaired by Comfama director David Escobar Arango, focused on gratitude towards the companies, workers, families, allies and idealists who have accompanied the institution throughout its history. Escobar Arango highlighted the importance of building a narrative of hope and progress, noting that the organization has remained faithful to its founding principles of solidarity and equity.

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    During the ceremony, the district administration, represented by the acting mayor, Orlando Uribe Villa, awarded Comfama the Medal of the Mayor of Medellin, Gold CategoryThis is the highest distinction that the district grants to people and institutions that have transformed society.

    The commemorative event included a performance by the Metropolitan Ballet and the work “Y Maurice”, an artistic reinterpretation of hope and resilience in difficult times. In addition, Mariano Sigman, a renowned neuroscientist, closed the event with a talk on the power of words and artificial intelligence, emphasizing their impact on the future.

    Throughout this year, Comfama will continue celebrating its anniversary with a series of public events who will seek to reflect on their history, present and future. Activities scheduled include lectures by prominent figures such as Jane Goodall and Irene Vallejo.

    Comfama’s milestones throughout its 70 years

    Since its founding in 1954, Comfama has been a pioneer in the social and economic development of Antioquia. Some of the most significant milestones include: the implementation of the family subsidy, the creation of family integration centers and recreational parks, the expansion of its library network, and the introduction of vaccination and preschool programs.

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    The organization has also played a crucial role in promoting culture, standing out for events such as the There is a Jericho Festival and the renovation of the Comfama San Ignacio Cloister.

    Comfama, which began with a modest desk at Andi, Today it has more than eight thousand workers and manages resources destined for the well-being of 4.5 million Antioquians.consolidating itself as one of the most important institutions in the country in terms of family compensation and social development.

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    • On the afternoon of Thursday, July 4, an 80-year-old man died in a hotel located near the main park in Rionegro. Authorities received a call from the hotel, alerting them about a guest with health problems. The police rule out the possibility that the death was caused by a violent incident.

    • The military unit that included the six uniformed men was in the area fighting with the Clan del Golfo. However, they were attacked there when a minefield was activated by the EMC.

    • Around noon on Thursday, July 4, a nanny truck overturned on the Medellín-Bogotá highway, near the Cruces sector, in Cocorná.

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