The debate reflects the current “state” of “The States”

Image is perception

The debate reflects the current “state” of “The States”

But the last presidential debate was clear evidence of what America stands for today.

Yesterday marked the 248th anniversary of the independence of the United States, a country in decline, as many describe it. Ironically, although its official motto is: “In God we trust”, a nation founded on principles and values, today they have left them aside, losing the direction and essence that made them great one day.

Trump swept the polls because he seemed young, lucid and with solutions in hand.

They are about to cease to be the most powerful country on the planet, since in addition to their internal problems, the world is making alliances to become multipolar, which endangers their hegemony. This would imply assuming that the American nation should play a more limited role in the global arena. Russia and other countries such as China, India and Japan are evolving and beginning to “compete” for supremacy.

It cannot be denied that Joe Biden has been one of the main architects of the deterioration of the image that this country has projected over the last four years, leading to great migratory chaos and terrible foreign policy decisions.

But the last presidential debate was clear evidence of what America stands for today. The entire world is shocked because it became clear that it is not exactly Biden who is leading the country. So, who is behind it? Which has really set off alarm bells in the Democratic establishment and has led many to question whether he is the right candidate ahead of the November elections.

Biden seemed disoriented, often staring into space with his mouth open. He occasionally struggled to conclude his points, losing ground on issues such as abortion, where Democrats have an advantage. The president failed to dispel doubts about his age, was unconvincing in terms of energy and lucidity, even opening up scenarios of a possible replacement for the Democratic candidate in the House of Representatives.

The audience saw nothing new about the two candidates’ positions. The main question before the debate was how they would handle the situation on stage, as both faced doubts about their suitability for such an important position. But personal attacks also predominated, with both suggesting that the other was a criminal. Trump behaved rather benevolent towards his opponent and did not corner him.

Overall, topics such as immigration, abortion and the economy were discussed. The focus was on the Mexican border, with Donald Trump criticizing the increase in migrants during Biden’s term. And one very important thing Trump said was that if he won the election, he would resolve the situation in Ukraine before taking office.

The big loser of the debate was undoubtedly President Joe Biden, as his erratic behavior has caused panic in the ranks of the Democratic Party, and many high-level members are now openly calling on the president to suspend the campaign and appoint an alternative candidate. Even so, American society is so fragmented and divided that the president’s obvious deterioration in health is of no concern to them and they would be willing to vote for him, even under these conditions, as it is a tough and irrational vote. Meanwhile, the tycoon Trump swept the polls, as he seemed young, lucid and with solutions in hand.

Although presidential debates tend to have a negligible effect on the final results, they do affect fundraising, media coverage and other elements that can really influence elections. However, one would expect for the next meeting, a high-level contest, one that really represents a discussion between the leaders of the “supposedly” most powerful country in the world.

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