Attack on the Palestinian cause. Rectorate of the University of Chile removes banners from the front of the Casa Central

The protest in support of Palestine at the University of Chile’s Central House has been going on for almost two months. It has been supported by students, university officials, academics, artists, the Palestinian community, and various sectors. It was carried out to demand the breaking of academic ties and agreements between the University of Chile and institutions in Israel, which are collaborating with the genocide in Palestine that has cost the lives of more than 40 thousand people, as well as to call on the Boric government to break diplomatic, military, and economic relations with the illegitimate and Zionist state of Israel, which is currently committing the most brutal genocide of the century.

Faced with the criminalization carried out by all authorities, in complicity with the media, branding a completely peaceful mobilization as violent, which has not even prevented officials from freely accessing the Central House, and in the face of arguments such as that it is not a mobilization or a democratic demand, the students have been raising the need for a tri-estate and binding plebiscite so that the entire community can decide whether to maintain or cut the agreements with Israeli institutions.

The response of the authorities has been completely intransigent: They have refused to break the agreements, being complicit in the genocide. And they have also refused to organize a plebiscite.

Not content with this, yesterday they removed all the banners that were still on the front of the Casa Central, keeping them in their offices and refusing to return them. A totally reactionary measure, and which concretely demonstrates which side the university authorities are on, starting with the rector Rosa Devés and the campus administrator, Simón Boric, brother of the president.

The authorities of the University of Chile have gone down in history as those who have criminalized students who mobilize, as they have done all over the world against genocide. From the camp, a call is being made to surround the mobilization with solidarity, to all student and union organizations to denounce the attitude of the authorities and the need for other sectors to join the cause.

The students of the University of Chile are determined to hold a student referendum, to give an example of university democracy, unlike the authorities who refuse to hold a plebiscite, because they know they have the odds against them, and it is a mechanism that puts the decisions of the grassroots at the center. The student struggle against genocide, for spaces free of apartheid and for the State of Chile to break relations with Israel, at the University of Chile and in other universities in the country, will in no way end, even if there is intimidation, the fight in solidarity for Palestine continues until the genocide ends.

On the other hand, the students of the university invite all people, students, workers, academics, families, Palestinian community, etc., to a great festival on Sunday, July 14 in front of the Central House, which seeks to make the Palestinian cause visible and to position ourselves again against genocide.

Break ties with Israel!

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