“The conflict will not be resolved due to Ukraine’s lack of will”

“The conflict will not be resolved due to Ukraine’s lack of will”
“The conflict will not be resolved due to Ukraine’s lack of will”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held a joint press conference after their meeting in the Kremlin on Friday.

During his speech, Putin described the talks with Orbán as “intense.” The Russian leader explained that the two discussed possible solutions to end the armed conflict.

“There was a rather in-depth, direct and honest exchange of views on current international issues, including the Ukrainian conflict,” he said.

Proposal for a ceasefire

Orbán informed Putin about his recent visit to Ukraine, where he proposed a ceasefire to the Ukrainian side in order to start peace negotiations.

“We have always been and remain open to discussing a political and diplomatic settlement. However, on the other side there is talk of a lack of will to resolve problems in this way,” Putin said.

Putin accused Ukraine’s allies of using the country as a “battering ram and victim” in their confrontation with Russia.

According to the Russian president, “the kyiv regime does not allow us to think about the cessation of hostilities because in that case the pretext for extending martial law would disappear.”

Political implications in Ukraine

Putin stressed that lifting martial law would force elections to be held, in which, according to him, Vladimir Zelensky’s chances of victory are “almost zero” due to his loss of popularity and legitimacy. He recalled the peace initiative proposed by Moscow, which includes the complete withdrawal of troops from the new Russian territories.

The Russian president reaffirmed his support for a “complete and definitive” end to the conflict. “There are other conditions, but all this is the subject of a fairly detailed examination in the course of possible joint work,” he explained.

Putin also opposes a temporary pause in hostilities, as it could be used by the enemy to rearm.

Relations with the European Union

Putin stressed that relations between Moscow and the European Union are at their “lowest point.”

Orbán, for his part, said that Hungary’s main task during its EU Council presidency is to ensure peace in the region. “We have been living in Europe in the shadow of war for two and a half years. This is causing enormous difficulties in Europe. We cannot feel safe,” he said.

Orbán’s peace mission

The Hungarian prime minister said that after this visit he would continue his efforts to find a peace agreement. Orbán expressed his desire to know Putin’s perspective on the shortest way to end the conflict with Ukraine.

Orbán arrived in Russia on a previously unannounced visit. On his X account, he wrote that “the peace mission continues” and added: “Second stop: Moscow.”

Although the rotating EU presidency does not have a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU, Orbán said they cannot sit back and wait for the conflict to miraculously end. “We will be an important instrument in taking the first steps towards peace,” he added.

This week, Orbán also visited Ukraine and met with President Vladimir Zelensky, whom he suggested considering a ceasefire in order to start negotiations with Russia.

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