What it is and how to avoid it

What it is and how to avoid it
What it is and how to avoid it

Airbnb has become one of the most common ways to find accommodation during the holidays, especially when summer arrives.

This is understandable, as it is an economical and highly practical alternative to the typical hotels, apartments near the beach or rural houses. However, its increasing popularity also brings with it some risks.

As soon as something becomes successful, and even more so if that something has some kind of connection to technology, cybercriminals are quick to set their sights on it. Unfortunately, Airbnb is no exceptionAre you thinking of taking advantage of their services? Well, this is what you need to know so you don’t fall for their most common scam and have your summer ruined.

The Airbnb Scam


If you look at how Airbnb works, you can see that the platform itself makes a considerable effort to prevent people from “cheating” when carrying out transactions through its system. However, there are some ways to cheat its security measures, and what better way to do it than by using the users themselves.

What is the biggest threat to Airbnb? What everyone fears on vacation: renting something and discovering too late that you have been scammed, you have neither accommodation nor your money. That happens. The scammers’ strategy is simple: They pose as hosts on the app and ignore one of the main recommendations that Airbnb always makes.

This is none other than never paying through external methods. That is, you carry out all the necessary operations within Airbnb. But although that is the theory, it is not always fulfilled in practice. With excuses such as reducing the price or avoiding platform fees, some scammers suggest making the payment through other different methods.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to start being suspicious. In addition, there is another way to avoid falling into this type of scam (which in many ways resembles those suffered by users of other similar tools, such as Wallapop): Never agree to make an advance payment. It is another of the tricks that scammers use to deceive many customers every summer.

Deceptions, the order of the day

As much as Airbnb is a reasonably safe platform, they themselves acknowledge that they cannot always guarantee that their customers will not be deceived. For that reason, the best way to avoid any problems is through your own prudence, common sense and do not hesitate to report any behavior that seems strange to you on the platform itself.

In that regard, it is worth knowing that Airbnb does allow certain payments outside the platform, when it comes to local or lodging tax collections, all-inclusive fees for timeshares or vacation resorts, deposits and additional fees that must be paid for pets, valet parking, Wi-Fi service, gym and the like.

However, always try to ensure that everything goes through their knowledge, so that it is safer and you do not have to suffer any type of scam.

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