“Jurisprudential Dialogues in the Context of Human Rights” were held in Congress

“Jurisprudential Dialogues in the Context of Human Rights” were held in Congress
“Jurisprudential Dialogues in the Context of Human Rights” were held in Congress

The presentation of the book Jurisprudential Dialogues in the Context of Human Rights, organized by the Tlaxcala Electoral Tribunal (TET), took place in the Vitral Patio of the local Legislative Complex.

During the presentation, the host, the presiding Magistrate of the TET Miguel Nava Xochitiotzi said that this book brings together feelings that were experienced in the state and are reflected in the country in electoral matters.

The president of the Permanent Commission of Congress, deputy José G. Temoltzin Martínez, invited people to read the document and assured that it is a work that includes various articles that highlight topics of interest in the current panorama of democratic life in the State of Tlaxcala.

He described that in their various articles, the authors have exposed with effective expertise, the state of the art that electoral matters keep, since, it should be noted that the writers have recounted the experience of past electoral processes and with knowledge of the cause, they expose the challenges, the proposals and the analysis while the ordinary local electoral process 2023-2024 was developing.

Also in attendance were deputies Jorge Caballero Román, president of the Congress’s Board of Coordination and Political Agreement; Lenin Calva Pérez, Tomas Rivera Lara, Fabricio Mena Rodríguez and deputies Maribel León Cruz, Dulce Cecilia García Gayosso and Guillermina Loaiza Cortero, as well as the head of the State Government Secretariat, Luis Antonio Ramírez Hernández and the president of the State Superior Court of Justice, Anel Bañuelos Meneses, among other authorities.

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