“They have gone to destroy this statement”

“They have gone to destroy this statement”
“They have gone to destroy this statement”

Loreto Ochando explains in Más Vale Tarde how he has lived at the foot of the Plaza Castilla courts Postponement of Begoña Gómez’s statementThe journalist says that “it has been crazy” because “we had a courtroom agreement signed by the senior judge, María Jesús del Barco, which several far-right journalists have literally ignored.”

“The senior judge authorized that there were four journalists inside the courts who could not take photographs,” he clarifies. Inaki Lopezto which Loreto adds that “there were six places and our colleagues decided that in the end only the agencies would take part.”

However, the journalist explains that the colleagues who had gone up “informed us that there were these people, these agitators, who They have literally gone to burst this statement“. “You mean people like the press chief of Alvise Perez“?”, Iñaki asks, to which Ochando answers affirmatively.

Vito Quileswithout entrusting himself to God or the devil and skipping a sentencehe took it and he didn’t care about anything, he recorded the images and posted them everywhere,” says the journalist, who firmly states that “this is informational terrorism.”

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