“The more I buy at Renfe, the more I am amazed by the universe they have set up”

Many users have expressed their bewilderment on social media after receiving a message from Renfe urging them to buy from “Renfecitos”, not from points of sale, as the word “points” has been “directly replaced” on the website without “taking into account that it is used for other phrases”. This has given rise to a new display of ingenuity on X.

Accessing the Renfe website has been a new cause of surprise, indignation and even laughter for many users in the last few hours. In the style of Ned Flanders, a neighbour from The Simpsons who cannot resist speaking without diminutives, the company has decided to start calling Renfe points “Renfecitos”, a decision that has unleashed a shower of hilarious memes on social networks and complaints.

Los ‘renfectitos‘They are accumulated mainly by travelling on AVE, Avlo, Larga Distancia, Avant, Media Distancia and Cercanías/Rodalies nominative passes and can later be exchanged on another journey. Many users have expressed their opinion on social networks bewilderment when seeing messages from Renfe urging them to buy at “Renfecitos”, not at points of sale, having directly “replaced” the word points on the website without “taking into account that it is used for other phrases“The more I buy from Renfe, the more I’m amazed by the universe they have set up.”

This has unleashed the ingenuity in X emulating Renfe in gastronomy (“The egg whites are beaten to the snow renfecito”); geometry (“A renfecito is a geometric element without dimensions whose position in the plane or in space is located by its coordinates. A straight line is a succession of renfecitos2); common expressions (“You do what I tell you and renfecito” I love it!; “this fact marked a turning point in renfecito’s career”; “I fell and they had to put twelve renfecitos on me” “Tomorrow we take these appliances to the clean renfecito” “I’m going to the pharmacy to get some cream because I have many black renfecitos” “You do what I say and renfecito”…

Some summarize the controversy in a few words and opposite reactions:

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