They presented the Enlace Joven program

Presentation of the Youth Link program in Mendoza

The Enlace Joven program is aimed at students from private and public higher education institutions so that they can develop professional internships.

The presentation was attended by Malena Carricondo, Director of Employment and Business Development of the Ministry of Production; Mariela Ramos, Director of Higher Education of the General Directorate of Schools and representatives of the Employment offices of different municipalities, among other authorities.

The Director of Employment and Business Development of the Ministry of Production explained that “all persons who have passed 50 percent of their subjects or have completed their studies in Higher Education can participate in this program.”

Carricondo clarified that “the difference between the Enlace and Enlace Joven programs is that the latter will pay 95,000 pesos for a four-hour workday, Monday through Friday; while Enlace, a program in force since the previous administration, pays 55,000 pesos. These amounts are partly financed by the private sector and partly by the public sector.”

The official stressed that “it is very important that we have this support from both sectors so that all students can have their first work experience and thus be able to enter the market with the other programs that we have in the Directorate, such as Enlazados, Enlazados Continuidad, Enlazados Grandes Inversiones and all the branches of Enlazados that we currently have.”

For her part, Mariela Ramos, Director of Higher Education, highlighted that this program will allow students to carry out their professional internships and that these will be paid. “It allows students to be directly linked to the socio-productive system of the province and have their first paid job. At the same time, the employment office allows employers to give work to students, teaching them from practice the concrete world of work with the chance of staying working in said company,” Ramos informed.

Those interested can register through the link Those students who already have a company interested in training them can go to the employment office to establish a link with the company. The training lasts 7 months and cannot be extended.

About the program

The Enlace Joven programme aims to develop professional work experiences specifically aimed at university or advanced tertiary students; to facilitate genuine labour integration for the young population, the age group with the highest incidence of unemployment rates at the local level, and to respond to the demands of the employer sectors regarding available job profiles.

Among the requirements to be met by the beneficiaries, the Production portfolio detailed: “They must be between 18 and 30 years old; be a university or tertiary student within higher education institutions recognized and endorsed by the DGE or the Ministry of Education of the Nation. Also, they must have a regular student certificate or analytical certificate, have a minimum of 50% of subjects approved, be unemployed and be a resident of the province of Mendoza.”

In the meantime, the coach must have a valid municipal license. If he/she is a self-employed person, he/she must be in category C or higher; comply with provincial tax returns and justify the request for incorporation of professional training based on the declared economic activity.

It is worth remembering that each trained person will receive a personal and bank-based monthly incentive of $95,000. The Province will contribute $70,000 directly to the CBU of the trained student, while the company must contribute a minimum amount of $25,000, in addition to being responsible for guaranteeing coverage of the Personal Accident Insurance and the Mandatory Medical Plan.

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