Melody Luz showed herself feeding her daughter Venezia in an unusual way: “This is not how you breastfeed”

Melody Luz showed herself feeding her daughter Venezia in an unusual way: “This is not how you breastfeed”
Melody Luz showed herself feeding her daughter Venezia in an unusual way: “This is not how you breastfeed”

Since the arrival of her daughter Venezia, the fruit of her relationship with Alex Caniggia, Melody Luz share in their social networks every curious moment that she lives with her little girl, delighting her followers.

Although she continues to teach dance classes, Melody takes time to enjoy the best moments of the day with her daughter, whom she has not yet shown in the photos she posts on her social networks.

Recently, the dance teacher made many of her fans laugh by revealing an unusual situation with Venezia while they were both lying in bed. To end the day, Melody decided to breastfeed her baby and shared on her Instagram account The curious position adopted by Venice to drink milkwith his head down and his feet passing by the influencer’s face.

With a lot of humor, Caniggia’s girlfriend commented: “I think that’s not how you breastfeed, but since I don’t breastfeed, I don’t have an opinion.“, he said, referring to the viral phrase that applies to various memes circulating on social media.


Recently, the choreographer had posted a video on her social networks in which she responded to a user who asked her for help and advice on accepting her body, since she always tends to give positive messages about loving oneself.

I may not be the most qualified person to talk about this, but from my point of view, one has to start by accepting oneself in whatever process one is in. One should never seek validation from others because that never comes, and if it does, if you don’t validate yourself internally, it doesn’t matter.“, he had assured his fan.

Alex Caniggia left his paternity in the hands of his followers with a spicy question: “Another baby?”

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz are living their best moment: just a few days after celebrating the dancer’s 27th birthday, the couple is enjoying being parents to their daughter Venezia and several professional commitments.

In the last few hours, Melody surprised everyone by announcing that she will have to stop teaching in two of her studios due to another job that she cannot tell us anything about yet.It’s something I expressed a lot“, he anticipated.

In this context, Alex showed himself to be very much in love with his girlfriend and could not help but record her and share the clip with his followers. From his home, Caniggia filmed Luz while showering her with praise: “Filly! My God, all of it!”.

Funny, He opened the game to his fans and made it clear that he wants to be a father again. With a survey in which he let users participate, he wrote: “Should I make another baby?”. In the options it said “Yeah” y “no”.

Melody Luz was quick to repost the video but clarified: “Hahaha, noooo”. On more than one occasion the dancer delved into Alex Caniggia’s desire to be a father again. Although she expressed her desire, she did admit that He prefers to wait a while to be able to dance again and resume his work commitments..

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