In the fight for vacancies in the Office of the Comptroller General, Mario Negri appears to have the advantage

In the fight for vacancies in the Office of the Comptroller General, Mario Negri appears to have the advantage
In the fight for vacancies in the Office of the Comptroller General, Mario Negri appears to have the advantage

On April 5, the mandates of the three auditors representing the deputies in the General Audit Office of the Nation (AGN) expired. With the terms already expired, Martin Menem wants to define them in one session in August and the deadline is running out. In the midst of the radical internal, Mario Negri He collected signatures in his support this week but another sector of the bloc does not recognize him, while in Union for the Homeland The discussion continues and no one is confirmed.

As reported by Clarín, in a gesture to Mauricio Macri, the government of Javier Milei made an agreement to give its place in the AGN to the PRO. The candidate chosen by the yellow bench is the former Minister of Labor, Jorge Triaca.

The ruling party is not happy with giving up its seat. “Why would it have to be a candidate other than from La Libertad Avanza?” assures a man of weight in the bench. However, if the Rosada arranged it, they are willing to comply.

Meanwhile, the radical internal is red hot. This week, in response to the version that the governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, would succeed in imposing his trusted deputy Pamela Verasay. The former legislator from Cordoba Mario Negri He went out to debunk the theory by collecting signatures. He harvested 22, including Karina Banfi and Fabio Quetglas, on a block of 34 and closed ranks with Miguel Angel Pichetto.

The third candidate in the race was the former legislator and current advisor of the bench, the man from San Luis Alexander Cacacea trusted man of block leader Rodrigo De Loredo.

Negri was supported by sectors of Evolution, such as Carla Carrizo (CABA), and Danya Tavela (Buenos Aires), the Buenos Aires leader Facundo Manes and his sidekick Pablo Juliano; the Entre Ríos native Atilio Benedetti; and the Mendoza native Julio Cobos.

However, other sectors of the UCR claim that this document is not valid and that the candidate has not yet been confirmed. In fact, they point out that in this document there are those who had promised to support another candidate.

Many will have to clarify their position“, said a key man in the party.

The position of Pichetto -one of the auditors who resigned to be a candidate for deputy- is not minor. He is the leader of the decisive bench when it comes to gathering votes in the chamber.Among its legislators are also the Cordobans of Martín Llaryora and the socialists of Santa Fe.

The Civic Coalition bench opened itself but He does not hesitate to support Negri, a friend of the leader of that space, Elisa Carrió.

In the Unión por la Patria bench, the head of the block Germán Martínez does not give names and assures that he will not give them until the time comes. However, there are two floating around: that of the already auditor Juan Forlón whose mandate expired now and is close to La Cámpora and Maximo Kirchner, and that of Guillermo Michel, man of Sergio Massa.

Massa is also losing representation with the departure of Gabriel Mihura Estrada, whose mandate also expired now.

In Kirchnerism, too, they already take it for granted that it will be Forlon. “He is and always was Forlon,” they say.

Why then do the others not confirm it? “We will surely decide when the issue is on the table. Others are in a hurry,” responds a high-ranking source from the Massismo.

All parties agree that it is time for negotiations and “operations”, that there is still a lot of water to flow under the bridge and that the final decision will come when the session date for the vote is reached.

Menem has set August – the month in which sessions will resume – because at the end of July the deputies will go into recess. But there is no specific date.

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