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5 Julio, 2024
4:18 pm

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“El Encuentro” is a special collaboration between Residente (@residente) and Jessie Reyez (@jessiereyez), as part of the recent album “Las letras ya no importan”. This song is presented in an intimate acoustic session that captures the pure essence of the music and performance of these two great artists live.

This song is a testament to the artistic and emotional connection between two exceptional talents. In this acoustic rendition, Puerto Rican Residente and Colombian-Canadian Jessie Reyez unite in the lyrical depth of the song that combines with the unique musical sensitivity of both artists, creating a truly emotional and authentic listening experience.

“Las letras no ya importan” is the album that represents a new chapter in Residente’s career, exploring themes of identity, love and the importance of artistic expression in an increasingly complex world and in which he manages to collaborate with several artists.

The acoustic session of “El Encuentro” not only highlights the interpretive ability of Residente and Jessie Reyez, but also offers listeners a unique experience, where the purity of the music merges with deep and meaningful lyrics.

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