Education is a right in Ecuador | Editorials | Opinion

Education is a right in Ecuador | Editorials | Opinion
Education is a right in Ecuador | Editorials | Opinion

The Constitution that has governed Ecuador since 2008 states in its article 26 that “education is a right of people throughout their lives and an unavoidable and inexcusable duty of the State. It constitutes a priority area of ​​public policy and state investment, a guarantee of equality and social inclusion and an indispensable condition for good living. Individuals, families and society have the right and responsibility to participate in the educational process.”

This newspaper has always tried to fulfill and contribute from its pages and digital content to education. Now another initiative is being added in an effort to contribute to this process, the forum “Education as a State Policy: experiences, difficulties, innovation and solutions”.

What is the flipped classroom and why is it considered one of the best teaching methodologies in Ecuador?

Although the State is the guarantor of the education of Ecuadorians, it is up to the entire society to provide support and demand better directions. Knowledge is undoubtedly the path to progress and the support of true democracy.

EL UNIVERSO has invited important public and private actors in the development and improvement of education to this forum, which will take place on July 17 at 5:30 p.m. in the UEES main hall.

Technology has become a challenge for human life and is increasingly present in the curriculum, but it must go hand in hand with the requirements of the company and the economy.

Students had a fun and unprecedented experience with a projection of the history of Guayaquil in a dome installed in Samanes Park

What do we do?

Forums such as the one proposed by this newspaper should be multiplied to address this and other issues, such as the difficulties and solutions, jointly involving the public sector, the private sector and society.

Only the sum of wills will allow progress and improvement in education and in all areas of the democratic life of a nation.

The efforts, unity and the handshake that is extended in pursuit of a country with academic and social training is an opportunity for progress that should be taken advantage of because it has only one interest: a more prosperous Ecuador. (O)

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