Cortes de la Frontera will once again bring artists to its streets to paint works on its facades

Cortes de la Frontera, in the Guadiaro Valley, in the Serranía de Ronda, will continue to support urban art. Next year it will once again bring together artists from different countries so that they can continue to leave works on its facades, murals and other smaller-scale interventions. During this past month of May, around twenty artists have already left their art in this town, which displays more than 20 works (some of which correspond to previous initiatives, such as those carried out by the artist Sake Ink). On this occasion, the project was called Coloring the future, financed with European funds and organised by the Friends of Europe association and the Cortes Town Hall. Artists from four continents came together and more than 1,800 applications were generated to participate in this initiative.

«Next year, instead of staying for 21 days, they will be here for 32. In addition, many artists are writing to us to come on their own to paint in Cortes and in September we are going to take on three more people to continue painting», explained Javier Morales, president of the Friends of Europe Association, who pointed out that the intention is also to extend this project to the population centres that depend on Cortes: to the Cañada del Real Tesoro or Cortes Station and to the ELA Gaucín-El Colmenar Station, with between 10 and 15 participants. In the case of the Cortes Station, Sake Ink has already carried out two works, dedicated to the tradition of washing clothes in the river, to the washerwomen; and to the passage of the train through this town.

In Cortes, Sake Ink highlighted the town’s trades and natural heritage; and the other artists also praised the fauna, created abstract works and remembered deceased townspeople, among others.

Cortes wants to create a route, with QR codes, to explore the town using these works of urban art and also organize other activities.

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