UA professor Yolanda Bustos receives ICAM Legal Innovation Award

UA professor Yolanda Bustos receives ICAM Legal Innovation Award
UA professor Yolanda Bustos receives ICAM Legal Innovation Award

In its sixth edition, the Legal Innovation Awards of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) recognize the best works of the year in the areas of specialization and knowledge of the subjects covered by the more than 50 professional sections of the ICAM. The works are selected based on their technical-legal quality, doctrinal and practical contribution, as well as the dissemination of relevant aspects of the world of applied law.

One of the works that has been awarded in this edition has been the one presented by Yolanda Bustos Moreno, professor of Civil Law at the University of Alicante, who has managed to win the section aeronautical and space with the work ‘The implementation of vertiports in urban areas: pending legal issues’.

The jury of the awards has valued the innovation and scientific contribution that it will mean for the future professional practice of law and, above all, in the development of the legislation necessary for the implementation of take-off and landing sites (vertiports) of eVTOLS (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft), in the field of smarts citys y development of smart urban air mobility.

Professor Bustos’ work is part of her line of research on Artificial Intelligence and private legal protection through the ENIA Chair of the UA, the Prometeo Excellence Project of the Generalitat Valenciana and several research projects of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, July 2, at the headquarters of the Madrid Bar Association and Professor Bustos was “very grateful” for the support of her entire family, in a “such a significant and emotional moment” of his professional career.

Bustos addresses topics related to tort law, artificial intelligence, regulatory sandboxes, drones and air navigation, vulnerable groups and teaching innovation in her work.


On this occasion, the list of award winners includes legal contributions in disciplines as varied as Administrative Law, Banking, Consumer Law, Military Law, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Restructuring and Robotics. Other winning works have been on subjects related to Compliance, Esports or Innovation and Law.

Their authors They practice law in firms such as Ceca Magán, Deloitte Legal and Eversheds Sutherland; in legal consultancies of entities such as BBVA or JP Morgan Chase; and in university centers such as the Complutense University of Madrid, Carlos III, ISDE or the University of Alicante.

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