LA GACETA took care of all the details to make the meeting unforgettable

LA GACETA took care of all the details to make the meeting unforgettable
LA GACETA took care of all the details to make the meeting unforgettable

Our newspaper offers a comprehensive platform that spans both print and digital formats, allowing you to effectively reach your audience through multiple channels.

The commercial manager of LA GACETA, Patricia Ribonehighlighted at yesterday’s meeting with advertisers that in the current advertising market there is a very changing communication context. “The way in which people consume information has evolved and today advertisers need to adapt to these new dynamics.” In this regard, he indicated that our newspaper offers a comprehensive platform that covers both paper and digital formats, which allows them to reach their audience effectively through multiple channels.

The team that organized the event said that it was a unique opportunity for the guests to see first-hand the place where the newspaper that reaches every corner of Tucumán is printed. “The day was marked by a festive atmosphere and gratitude towards those who trust LA GACETA to reach their audience.”

They indicated that the organization was in charge of We Celebrate, responsible for the idea of ​​opening the doors of the printing plant for this special occasion. The experts from #TeamEventosWe managed a multidisciplinary team that combined the best in technique, ambiance and gastronomy. They planned and executed every detail.

To decorate the plant, Hernan Bulacio and his team transformed the different spaces. They turned the paper reel warehouses into impressive architectural compositions, suitable for the big event, adapted the furniture, created Photo Opportunities and set up a communal table that accommodated more than 100 guests.

The different spaces and machinery were highlighted with state-of-the-art lighting, surround sound and an LED video screen, by Grupo Percha. Thanks to this setup, guests had the opportunity to watch the LG Play program live.

Gastronomic excellence was the responsibility of Los Robles Cocineros, with the contribution of good taste to accompany the entire experience. The guests enjoyed a reception with hot and cold dishes, an exquisite main course, dessert and an after-coffee that brought the day to a close. Each bite was carefully prepared and dedicated to the service of an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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