for the Metro, people first –

for the Metro, people first –
for the Metro, people first –


This Thursday, July 4, an extraordinary session of the Metro board of directors was held, in which information was provided on the accident that occurred on June 26 on the Metrocable line K.

During the meeting, in which members participated in person and virtually, the Company provided details regarding the comprehensive support for those affected, the investigation and the implementation of the aerial cableway.

Committed to life and always prioritizing people, the Metro continues to support the family of our user Jhon Jairo Londoño, as well as the 20 injured people.

In addition, the Company works with its insurance structure to guarantee the coverage and recognition that corresponds to the accident, with the commitment to provide timely assistance to people.

In this regard, the Conciliation Center of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana expressed its willingness to assist and advise affected persons who so wish.

Additionally, immediately and while the insurer materializes the compensation, the Company will provide assistance to mitigate current needs and serve as a contribution to the immediate expenses that people must meet.

The board members were also informed about the methodology of the investigation and the universities that will participate in it to determine the root cause of the accident.

Finally, the Board of Directors also visited the garages of line K where tests are carried out on certain parts using different non-destructive testing techniques, such as penetrating liquids, ultrasound and X-rays to analyse some parts of the cabins; actions that will allow us to move on to the next phase, which will consist of load tests on the cable cars, as occurs when an aerial cableway is to be inaugurated.

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