Federico Sturzenegger announced that he will present the Hojarasca Law project next week

“Next week or the week after we will be going to Congress, because the legislative agenda is being resumed, and we will start with a law that we call hojarasca,” said Sturzenegger in dialogue with accredited journalists.

In this regard, the Minister of Deregulation stated that This new law aims to eliminate hundreds of regulations that have become “obsolete” and “affect property rights.”

“There are several dozen laws and We look forward to a very nice debate in Congress”emphasized the 57-year-old economist, who held various positions in the public service during the governments of Fernando de la Rúa and Mauricio Macri.

Sturzenegger spoke of a “second agenda”, which has to do with the “transformation of the State”.

“There is that famous phrase from the President that is ‘there is no money’ and I think it is important to emphasize it, because We have to understand that what the public sector spends is a weight that someone pays with taxes”he explained.

Javier Milei swore in Federico Sturzenegger

sturzenegger ok.jpg

The inauguration ceremony brought together the top officials of the government: the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei; the Chief of Staff, Guillermo Francos; the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo; the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello; the speaker of the lower house, Martin Menem; the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri; and the Minister of Justice, Mariano Cuneo Libarona.

During the brief ceremony, the Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sports, was also present. Daniel Scioli; the national deputy Lilia Lemoine; the deputy chief of staff, Joseph Rowland and the Treasury Attorney, Rodolfo Barraamong others.

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