Government inaugurates Internet Boards in Domingodó to promote development in Chocó

Government inaugurates Internet Boards in Domingodó to promote development in Chocó
Government inaugurates Internet Boards in Domingodó to promote development in Chocó

President Gustavo Petro today led the inauguration of the Internet Boards in Domingodó, Chocó, marking the start of an ambitious connectivity project aimed at transforming the country’s most remote communities.

This program, known as Internet Boards, Its main objective is to empower the inhabitants of Chocó through access to the Internet.

In his inaugural address, President Petro stressed the importance of this initiative to combat social inequality and promote inclusive development in the most needy regions.

“These meetings are about building power, popular power. The people are the owners of this territory,” Petro said, emphasizing the transformative potential of digital connectivity.

The Internet Boards project will benefit 62,309 families in 28 municipalities in Chocó and two in Nariño. Municipalities such as Río Sucio and Tumaco stand out, where significant numbers of families will be connected, thus facilitating access to educational, communication and development resources for their inhabitants.

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The implementation of this project involves an investment of 210 billion pesos, with the installation of 74 kilometers of fiber optics distributed along four strategic routes in Chocó.

The initiative is scheduled to run until July 31, 2026, covering both fiber optics and satellite signals to ensure effective connectivity.

President Petro emphasized that “access to the Internet has become a basic need and a right that must be guaranteed for all Colombians.” In addition, He highlighted the importance of reducing the digital divide as a crucial means of strengthening social and economic inclusion in the country.

At the end of his speech, the president urged the communities benefiting from this tool to improve their quality of life and promote local development.

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“Let’s use this tool to improve our lives, to learn and move forward together towards a more equitable and connected future,” concluded President Petro.

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