Criticism (E6, “The First Death”)

Criticism (E6, “The First Death”)
Criticism (E6, “The First Death”)

This past Thursday, July 4th‘Second Death’ has aired its sixth and final chapter. Con «The first death» We unravel once and for all The case of Juliana Cobianwho died seven years ago and whose body was found in a cabin no more than three days ago by Sandra, a young police assistant. Thus, this original series from Movistar Plus+ poses a crucial question; How many times can a person die?

We start with a summary of everything that happened in the finale.

¡Ojo, spoilers of the complete seriesIf you don’t want us to spoil it for you, you’re just one step away click to catch up

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger; Johnaccused of having committed the murder of Soledad and having hidden Juliana for seven years, He chases Tello and hits him at the base of the skull. Tellobleeding and unconscious, is left abandoned on the ground while Jano escapeshoping to have aggravated the poor state of the Mountain’s memory and, with a bit of luck, make him forget his findings. What he does not expect is to be attacked from more than one side; Sandra, on her own, has come to the same conclusion as her father, and does so the civil Guardpending a court order, arrest the alleged murderer.

When Sandra arrives home expecting to find her father there and tell him the good news; howeverthe complications in your life are not over yet when he can’t find Tello anywhere. So, Sandra can’t rest and goes after Janoconvinced that he was the last one to see him. Police organize a search raidbut Sandra is very clear what Only by revealing the whole truth about Juliana and Soledad’s case will she be able to find her father.. He thus puts his eidetic skills to work and ends up finding Alisa Cobian, daughter of Marina and Jano, who He immediately confesses to having killedaccidentally, to Solitude.

With this information, Sandra manages to put pressure on Jano to give him the whereabouts of his father. For his part, Tello, shocked and in a limbo between life and deathsees pass before him a series of hallucinations as he tries to escape from the ruined factory where Janus has left him to die. “The Mountain” reconciles with his deceased wife, visits Marina (his lover) in dreams and goes back in time to talk to a pregnant Sandra of Dani. This seems to have a cathartic effect in it; Sandra ends up finding her father with a desperation that makes him realize how much he appreciates her.

The chapter ends with a time jump. Three months later, Castro continues in the jail serving a sentence for the murder of Isidro (for which the young woman claims she wants to confess to clear her conscience), Sandra sells her cabin on the mountain after starting a romantic relationship with Claudia Coboand the Father-daughter bonds seem stronger than ever.

Final review; ‘Second death‘ doesn’t explore anything new in the finale

We have been saying for the last few weeks that The attractive proposal of ‘Second Death’ has been deflating along the way. The direction falters and loses its way of what was established as main plot, tone and theme; and, although the sixth chapter lift your headthe conclusion of the series does not leave us completely satisfied.

Maybe they are the daydreams that Tello is a prisoner of While it is already abandoned outdoors, a most interesting resource which, however, does not come to tell us nothing we don’t know. Marina and Tello loved each other; Esther spent her illness alone, allowing her husband to live with “the other one” in the meantime; and Sandra has never forgiven him being an absent father who lacks displays of affection. This limboin which it is not very clear to us whether “The Mountain” is alive or dead, It’s more of an exercise to underline what we already know. to delve into the protagonists’ family past.

Besides, he flash-forward with which the series ends make a series of decisions which are, at the very least, questionable. Sandra leaves Castro while he is in jailserving a sentence for a crime she herself committed; after having waited for him for seven years On her first release from prison, Sandra does not seem to be able to hold out for three more months and starts a romantic relationship with Claudia Cobo without him knowing it. Her intention is to turn herself in to the police as the confessed murderer of Isidro, after having let Castro suffers three months in prison that does not deserve; and Tello shows no signs of the senile dementia that troubled him so much in the first chapters.

With the Janus’ arrest and conviction seems to have investigation closed of the deaths of Juliana and Soledad; however, We do not investigate the methods nor in the motivations of the perpetrator, and Alisa’s confession comes almost voluntarilyin a night scene in the middle of the forest that is very effective but to which It lacks meaning and reason for being. We say the same with various details throughout the chapteran indisputable example of a certain lack of care in the closure from the production of the series.

In conclusion, We cannot speak of a good resolution for the story of Sandra and Tellowhich has lost steam since its first two chapters and has forgotten along the way what made them so special. The Pasiega atmosphere and rural is present as a backdrop, but It is not incorporated into the plot or the script; the constant mention of ojáncanu It does not result in anything more than an acknowledgement that it is a monster of local folklore; and The depth that both father and daughter could have had has been diluted with the chapterswho have not been able to build two complex characters.

Sandra introduced herself as a more than interesting character with the start of the series; a woman with above average intelligence who abandons his career in Madrid to return to his Cantabrian village, but even there he cannot silence his innate sense of curiosity nor its need for action. The first two chapters of ‘Second death’ We were quite hooked on this series, which, although it did not find the best ending it was capable of, It remains an attractive bet with correct technical execution, spectacular photography and great work from the art department.

Georgina Amorós plays Sandra in this proposal that, contrary to what we initially predicted, It’s not too big for him at all; the young woman from Barcelona It doesn’t shine, but we don’t think that’s its fault. if not a lack of clarity in direction. Karra Elejalde It’s a Tello tender with an inconsistent trajectory but that makes us wipe away a tear or two in this final chapter; in short, ‘Second Death’ makes a series of conscious mistakes in the artistic part But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have two big headliners who are trying to revive it..

‘Second death’ that’s it availablewhole, on Movistar Plus+.

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