The golden boy: Faustino beat the world number 2 in chess

The golden boy: Faustino beat the world number 2 in chess
The golden boy: Faustino beat the world number 2 in chess


The ten-year-old Argentinian, who defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen a few months ago, won in a quick game that lasted no more than three minutes.

The Argentine chess player Faustino Ororecognized as the youngest international master in history at just ten years old, continues to stand out in the chess world. Recently, achieved a new milestone in his career by beating American Hikaru Nakamura, world number twoin a quick three-minute game.

This remarkable achievement took place during the Arena Kings tournament, a weekly event held on the platform that features short games. In this tournament, which is played every Wednesday and in which games do not exceed three minutes, Oro once again demonstrated his brilliance when facing the American, a specialist in this format of play..

The victory not only demonstrated his extraordinary strategic and tactical ability, but also He highlighted his ability to remain calm and precise under the pressure of such limited time.This is not the first time he has faced elite players in rapid duels, in fact, a few months ago, he surprised the chess world by defeating Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, in a similar event.

These victories in the rapid modality underline their strength in this type of competitions and consolidate their position as one of the most promising talents in international chess.

The victory against Nakamura was celebrated by Oro with an enthusiastic and fun celebration in which, while broadcasting the game live, he performed a dance with his arms and exclaimed excitedly: “We beat Hikaru!”The moment captured the boy’s joy and connected with his followers, who shared their admiration for his achievement.

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