This is what Grecia Colmenares looks like 40 years after the premiere of the soap opera

This is what Grecia Colmenares looks like 40 years after the premiere of the soap opera
This is what Grecia Colmenares looks like 40 years after the premiere of the soap opera

Between the 80s and 90s the Venezuelan soap operas They were highly prestigious in the world, the dramatic ones were produced like rice; one of the greatest and most remembered was ““Topaz” from 1984 starring Grecia Colmenares.

The Venezuelan actress Grecia Colmenares was responsible for playing “Topacio”a character who left his mark on the small screen, with his tragic story captivated viewers, who day after day did not miss a new chapter of this soap opera. For his part, The Creole enjoyed fame thanks to the interpretation of the young girl with visual impairmenther name and face at only 23 years old were recognized throughout America and Spain, places where the soap opera achieved unparalleled success, becoming the first to be translated into English.

The Valencia native has more than 20 dramas under her belt throughout her artistic career, among which are: “Angelica”, “The Rebel Angel”, “Manuela” and “Borrowed Lives”There is no doubt about her acting talent, which catapulted her in Italy, where the Venezuelan currently resides.

The history

The melodrama written by Delia Fiallo tells the story of Aurelio, a wealthy landowner, who is expecting the birth of a son; but Blanca, his wife, gives him a daughter instead, who seems to have been stillborn. Aurelio will never know, since the midwife Domitila and the nanny Eulalia exchange the “deceased” girl for Jorge Luis, the newborn son of a farmhand who has just been orphaned.

Jorge Luis was raised with all the comforts and luxuries, and was taken to Caracas to begin his medical studies. However, that girl was born blind and was given the name Topacio because of the earrings made of that material that were received by Domitila, as payment for her services as a midwife.

What happened to Grecia Colmenares?

Nowadays, the 61-year-old actress stays away from soap operas; living a luxurious life in Italy, she does not forget her land and roots, because, from time to time, Greece meets Venezuela again on sporadic trips. However, this was not the only country adopted by the Creole; she also lived for a couple of years in Argentina before settling in Europe.

His limited participation after so many years on Spanish television was not an impediment to joining “Grande Fratello,” the Italian version of the reality TV franchise Big Brother.

Colmenares saw entrepreneurial opportunities and opened a fashion business related to shoe and jewelry design. On her Instagram account she shows off her beauty, journeys and exercise routines to stay in shape.

Private life

It is public knowledge her marriage to actor Henry Zakka In the late 70s, when she was only 17 years old, her love came to an end and she gave herself a second chance with the producer and businessman Marcelo Pelegri, to whom she was married for almost two decades and is the father of her only son Gianfranco.

After these long-lasting romances, her love affair with Matías Ale became known, and after this, she was accused of having several unconfirmed relationships. The woman with long golden hair and a charming smile enjoys her single life in her mansion in Italy.

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