Checo Pérez could lose his seat, Red Bull warns

REd Bull seems like he could have a remodeling in his team with the bad moment that the Mexican pilot, Sergio Pérez, is going through.

At the end of the first free practice session for the 2024 British Grand Prix, Christian Horner was questioned about Checo’s situation.

Checo Pérez after free practice for the British GP: “It was a solid session”

Will Red Bull give Sergio Pérez an ultimatum?

Horner spoke about Pérez’s recently signed renewal with Red Bull and although he did not express any kind of regret, he did make it clear that the pressure and business are latent due to the lack of results.

“It’s a difficult question, but you know very well that the content of a contract between a team and a driver is not revealed. So for me it made all the sense in the world to renew Checo at that time, but this is a business in which there is pressure because you have to guarantee results.”

According to the website, this statement from the Red Bull boss would be “a confirmation that the agreement with the Mexican includes performance clauses, so there are minimum results that must be met. In some cases, these conditions are also in line with what the teammate does, but there is also talk of absolute results.”

Could Checo Pérez leave Red Bull next season?

Although the Guadalajara native has his seat secured for next season, the reality is that a series of poor results put it in danger.

“Whatever Red Bull decides, it will not turn to the foreign market, and if it needs to replace the Mexican, it will use someone linked to energy drinks, which is why Daniel Ricciardo is coming,” the text says.

The site even notes that Horner “is a big supporter of Daniel Ricciardo, he is determined to back him if the Mexican has to be removed from his seat, and it also seems that Helmut Marko has given the thumbs up.”

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