Bogota is calling for a pet registration system to be created to prevent animal abandonment. How would it work?

Green Alliance councilor María Clara Name said that “Bogotá needs to create a Single System for the Registration of Domestic Animals” to have greater control over the pets in the city.

The purpose is that this record allow for improved efficiency in the formulation of policies, programs and projects in favor of protection, comprehensive care and animal welfare.

Pet registration system requested. | Photo: Universal Images Group via Getty

“We want to regulate the ownership of canines and felines in the District, in order to promote conditions that favor public health, the safety of citizens and the protection of these animals. Animals are beings that have gained relevance in human development through the emotional, affective and psychological support they can provide. Faced with this relationship, responsible ownership of companion animals arises, which can be defined as: the responsibility that falls on the owners and holders, who must assume the commitment and obligation to provide well-being and care that guarantee their optimal development and the appropriate relationship between the animal and the human being,” said the councilor.

According to the 2021 Multipurpose Survey in Bogotá, 40.2% of households reported having a pet, of which 65.8% have a dog and 43.7% have a cat.

“Therefore, when a person decides to take care of a domestic animal, they must be aware that they must ensure its well-being and survival by meeting its basic needs such as food, an adequate and clean space for it to live in, health care and, above all, respect for these sentient beings,” Name said.

Councilwoman Maria Clara Name proposes pet registration. | Photo: Maria Clara Name Press

This record would contemplate “ID code, race, color, estimated age, owner name, ID, phone number, residence addressproof of vaccination updates and the health control report; ensuring that these contain the animal’s identification code, name of the owner, address and telephone number; for which the criteria of economy and efficiency in the city will be applied,” explained the councilor.

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