Robbery of Mexican man foiled in Medellin: security cameras helped capture the criminal

Authorities foiled a robbery of a foreign citizen in a tourist area from Medellín, after intercepting the motorcycle on which the men had fled after stealing their belongings.

They were two men, aged 29 and 33, who A Mexican citizen was robbed on a motorcycle while he was traveling through commune 13 from Medellin.

After taking his belongings they fled, but Thanks to the rapid alert from citizens and the monitoring of the District’s security cameras, the Metropolitan Police were able to intercept them in El Poblado.

“Thanks to the timely information provided to citizens, the coordination with LPR dispatch operators and the good reaction of our surveillance patrols, “Two individuals were arrested for the crimes of aggravated and qualified theft, who were traveling on a motorcycle,” said Lieutenant Colonel Edisson Pedroza, supervisory officer.

Finally, the Mexican’s belongings were recovered and The criminals, as well as the motorcycle they were riding, were placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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