Hernán Galíndez revealed Dibu Martínez’s formula for stopping penalties

Hernán Galíndez revealed Dibu Martínez’s formula for stopping penalties
Hernán Galíndez revealed Dibu Martínez’s formula for stopping penalties

Ecuadorian national team

The Argentine-born goalkeeper who is part of the Ecuadorian national team spoke without filter about how Dibu Martínez intimidates his rivals.

By Pablo Rodriguez Denis

05/07/2024 – 13:07hs EST

© IMAGOThe goalkeeper of the Ecuadorian national team, surrendered at the feet of Dibu.

By Pablo Rodriguez Denis

The agonizing penalty shootout that meant the elimination of the Ecuadorian national team in the hands of Argentina Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez in the quarter-finals of the 2024 Copa América is still on everyone’s lips.

It is that the wonderful task of the archer of Aston Villawhich contained two penalties in the definition, allowed the defending champion to overcome a very tough obstacle like La Tri and get into the top four of the continental tournament.

It was precisely regarding Martínez’s work that his colleague, Hernan Galindez, Born in Argentina but representing the Ecuadorian national team, he did not skimp on praise for the Mar del Plata native.

“They have the best in the world. I don’t remember a goalkeeper who does the things that Dibu does. A colleague should recognize when he finds something of that nature and it is the first time I see him save penalties on a field, it draws a lot of attention.”, expressed the goalkeeper of Huracán of Argentina in dialogue with Olé newspaper.

Galíndez was Alexander Domínguez’s substitute in the 2024 Copa América (IMAGO)

But also, the player who was a substitute for Alexander Domínguez Throughout Ecuador’s stay at the 2024 Copa América, Dibu Martínez outlined a theory as to why it shows such overwhelming superiority in penalties.

Dibu generates things that make those who are going to kick doubt, it seems that even Sometimes they change their minds. When I saw that I was reaching the goal, I started to get people excited. At least I am, maybe I am wrong, but I see it with a high level of comfort in that sense, which is not easy.”, revealed Galíndez.

Finally, regarding the great game that Ecuador played against Argentina, the goalkeeper said: “We played a good game, the best of the Cup. We got the equaliser after missing a penalty, which was a blow to our morale. One of the ways was from the wings, we had one there from Jordy (Caicedo) who didn’t manage to get a header.”

Félix Sánchez Bas is no longer Ecuador’s coach

After the elimination against Argentina in Houstonthe Ecuadorian Football Federation confirmed that the Spanish coach, Félix Sánchez Bas, will no longer be in charge of La Tri, something that had been discussed in the lead-up and was confirmed in the early hours of this Friday.

Copa America semi-finals: when and where they are played

  • Argentina vs. Venezuela or Canada | Tuesday, July 9, at 8 p.m. local time (MetLife Stadium)
  • Uruguay or Brazil vs. Colombia or Panama | Wednesday, July 10, at 8 p.m. local time (Bank of America Stadium)

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