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Outplacement: a help for mental health in times of job disengagement

Outplacement: a help for mental health in times of job disengagement
Outplacement: a help for mental health in times of job disengagement

The impact of job loss on people’s self-esteem and mental health is a highly relevant issue in the professional field. According to figures from ManpowerGroup, 80% of people who are laid off say that their self-esteem and mental health are seriously affected. In addition, 60% of those who enter the pre-retirement stage experience uncertainty about the changes they will face.

The effects of job disengagement on mental health

Regardless of the cause, dismissal or termination of employment are extremely stressful situations that can negatively impact the mental and emotional health of those affected. Job loss brings significant anxiety and stress, affecting various areas of a person’s life, from the professional to the personal and emotional.

The most common emotions when losing a job

Some of the most common emotions experienced by people after losing their jobs include feelings of failure, financial stress, social isolation, loss of identity and purpose, and worries about future employment. These emotions can be aggravated in cases of prolonged unemployment, leading to the development of disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Outplacement: The solution for a smooth job transition

In this context, ManpowerGroup’s Outplacement programs are presented as an effective solution to provide support and guidance to affected individuals, facilitating a smooth transition to a new job. These programs significantly reduce the time required to relocate, minimizing the negative impact of job loss on mental and emotional health.

ManpowerGroup’s Outplacement services offer significant benefits to employees, providing support, assistance and effective tools to strengthen their security, preserve their self-esteem and find their place in the labor market. In addition, they contribute to improving the corporate reputation of companies and facilitating the transition to new job opportunities.

In short, outplacement is positioned as a key tool for both workers and companies, supporting the mental and emotional health of people in the face of processes of job disengagement. With a human approach, companies can strengthen their commitment to the comprehensive well-being of their employees, guaranteeing a healthier, more stable and committed workforce in the long term.

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