Judge declares the validity of the process

Judge declares the validity of the process
Judge declares the validity of the process

The Prosecutor’s Office passed the first phase of the preparatory hearing for the trial of Encounter case. In the hearing, which was held on Friday, July 5, 2024, in Quito, Judge Renán Andrade declared the validity of everything carried out in the investigation, so the file is free of defects and nullities.

Danilo Carrera changes his defense just days before the preliminary hearing

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The second part of the hearing, which consists of the presentation of the opinion of the prosecutor Luzmila Lluglla, as well as the exposition of the elements that will be used in a future trial, will continue on July 22.

The Encuentro case is an investigation into an alleged criminal organization, allegedly led by Danilo Carrera, brother-in-law of former President Guillermo Lasso.

For the lawyers of the defendants, the judge should declare the nullity of the case because, they explained, the Prosecutor’s Office linked the Trojan Lion case, which is a case of drug trafficking by the Albanian mafia, with the Encuentro case, which focuses on a network that sought to obtain undue economic benefits, “taking advantage of its close position with politics and thus interfering in public institutions such as: CNEL, BanEcuador and National Customs Service”.

Among those prosecuted are: Hernan Luque, arrested in Argentina and who is being extradited, and Leonardo Cortázar, one of the men who appears in the famous photograph in the Miami pool, along with former legislator Ronny Aleaga and others.

Danilo Carrera’s defense has indicated that the Prosecutor’s Office should excuse him from the case, since he appears mentioned in the conversations of third parties, but not of the extracted audios.

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