Joe Biden refuses to undergo independent medical evaluation

Joe Biden refuses to undergo independent medical evaluation
Joe Biden refuses to undergo independent medical evaluation

Struggling to save his re-election campaign, the US president Joe Biden On Friday, he refused to undergo an independent medical evaluation that would prove to voters that he is fit to serve another term, blaming his disastrous performance in last week’s debate on a “bad episode” and saying there was no “signs of no serious health problems.”

“Look, I have a cognitive test every day,” Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, referring to the tasks he faces daily in a rigorous job. “Every day I have tests. Everything I do.”

He insisted that he was no more delicate than at the beginning of his mandate and that he “remains in good shape.” He said that his personal doctors carry out a “continuous evaluation” of him and that “they do not hesitate to tell me” if something goes wrong.

As for the debate, “I didn’t follow my intuition when it came to preparation,” Biden said.

He also insisted he was the “most qualified” to lead Democrats against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

That 22-minute interview, combined with campaigning in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania over the weekend, was part of Biden’s efforts to correct course after the debate.

But he has yet to quell internal frustrations within his party. An influential Democratic senator is working on a fledgling initiative that would encourage the president to drop out of the race, and Democrats are quietly discussing what they will do if the president drops out of the race — or what it will mean if he stays in it.

Still, in Wisconsin, Biden focused on trying to prove his ability to remain president. Asked if he would suspend his campaign, he told reporters he “completely ruled that out” and said he was “confident” he could serve four more years. At a rally in front of hundreds of supporters, he acknowledged his lackluster performance in the debate but insisted: “I’m going to run, and I’m going to win again.”

“I beat Donald Trump,” Biden said firmly, as the crowd gathered at a local high school cheered and waved campaign signs. “I will beat him again.”

Biden, who relied on a teleprompter to make his remarks, attacked his Republican rival almost immediately: he stressed that former President Trump once said that “George Washington’s army won the revolution by taking control of the airports from the British.”

As the crowd laughed, Biden continued: “Now tell me I’m wrong.”

In his speech, Biden sought to deflect questions surrounding his age, rhetorically asking attendees whether he was “too old” to have passed gun control laws, created jobs and helped alleviate student loan debt while suggesting he would do more in a second term.

The ABC interview could be a defining moment for Biden, who is under pressure to withdraw from the campaign after his debate performance raised concerns that he is unfit to do the job for another four years.

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