Solidarity and waiting lists

The crisis caused by the waiting lists should encourage citizens to reflect and understand that solidarity as a principle of social security is not only the obligation to finance the health system. This solidarity has another dimension that we have left behind and that Dr. Ana Rodríguez Allen reminds us of in her document “Ethics and health policies in Costa Rica”, published in the magazine Praxis from UNA in 2010: “There has been a change in Costa Rican culture and in the mentality of citizens, especially in the middle class, who have generally replaced the principle of social solidarity that benefited them in the past and on which they based most of their personal and professional achievements, and have adopted the idea that a well-being like theirs must now be achieved only through individual effort and conditions, without social participation.” A little reflection costs nothing.

Jorge Herrera Fernandez, Alajuela

Medication sale

I agree with Dennis Meléndez Howell’s article, entitled “Lowering the price of medicines?” Several institutions, including the Liquor Factory and the National Production Council, attempted to create a business state, “they were seen as a means to control abusive prices and in the end they ended up actually increasing them.”

Rather than generating “fresh resources,” the CCSS project would increase the number of administrative and technical positions needed to operate and supervise a broad logistics network, as well as finance new physical spaces, which would increase the institution’s budget.

It is not through this project that the price of medicines will be reduced. The Legislative Assembly, the MEIC and especially the Commission to Promote Competition (Coprocom) are in debt to society. They have obstructed the approval of Law 20838, which proposes setting a 23% cap on the CIF value of imports.

Silvia Gagneten Barbetta, Rohrmoser


Would it be possible to include in the referendum, which the president is so insistently promoting, the closure of Sugeval, Conassif and Sugef? They do nothing to supervise financial institutions, which also do not contribute to the development of the country, and this would bring great savings to the Ministry of Finance by not having to pay high salaries to the officials of these entities. As an elderly citizen affected by the ineffectiveness of these entities, I would like to see what Chaves thinks of what I propose.

Jorge Delgado Murillo, San Jose

Almost two years in the workshop

Since September 28, 2022, the Grupo Q workshop has not given me a response regarding the delivery date of my vehicle. They only claim that the spare parts are not available in the country. It is not possible for me to pay a loan and a policy. If you buy a vehicle, it is to use it, not to keep it in the workshop.

Oscar Franco Gonzalez Barrantes, Heredia

Light crocodile sandwich

Ortega y Gasset said that “nothing that is substantive has been given to man.” If Ortega lived in our time, he would fall flat on his face! Today, children and young people are taught that thought is a “human gift,” when, in reality, thought is the result of the laborious, evolutionary and dangerous feat of confronting the world, with its objective cruelty. Or do pedagogues believe that a crocodile can be eaten in bites?

Francisco Barrientos Barrientos, Coronado

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In Letters: reflection on the solidarity principle of social security, commentary on an article by economist Dennis Meléndez, a topic for the eventual referendum and a complaint about a vehicle that has been in the workshop for almost two years.

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