The measures that can benefit the real estate market and the minister validated

The measures that can benefit the real estate market and the minister validated
The measures that can benefit the real estate market and the minister validated


The Minister of Economy, Luis “Toto” Caputomet with the Chamber of Urban Developers (CEDU) to discuss Key points of money laundering, involved in the fiscal packageThe meeting took place in the auditorium of the Malba, where the discussion focused on how this economic measure could benefit both developers and borrowers.

One of the first topics discussed at the meeting was the construction in pitto assess whether it would be within the new money laundering. CEDU President Damián Tabakman asked the Minister of Economy about this issue and Caputo He replied: “The real estate sector mobilizes the economy; The main objective is to invest”.

The answer of “Toto” Caputo was celebrated by the attendees since it is expected that money laundering will trigger the sale of construction in the pit.The big news was the money laundering for our sector. The law did not say anything specific about investment in real estate. So we asked the minister if the regulations were going to address this and the answer was positive,” Tabakman told THE NATION.

Minister Luis Caputo arrives at the Casa RosadaRodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

In line with this, the second issue raised by the Speaker of the House was the following: The sector needs that the banks Provide funding to developers for pit construction.

“Los mortgage credits They are only for use, They have no point of contact with the developers. Because if someone wants to take out a loan to buy an apartment in a pit, they cannot mortgage that unit that is yet to be built. So I told that to the minister. And he replied, ‘That’s it.’ There will be a credit boom in Argentina“,” Tabakman said.

In this regard, the minister added: “It is a task that the banks will carry out.. What better than to lend to this sector that makes safe investments?

Regarding Mortgage loans to be applied to homes under constructionChamber Executive Director Mali Vázquez said: “This topic was discussedbecause it is a very important tool to reactivate the sector and generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs.”

What was discussed, Will any measures be reflected in the short term? “Yes, the money laundering, yes. It has an immediate impact. And the other thing, which is going to happen, is the bank loans, he told us that it is going to happen,” said Tabakman.

Luis Caputo explained that “we are facing a unique opportunitybecause it is the first time that there is a political decision do things right“He also added that they have the “conviction of not straying from the path.”

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, at the Expo EFI economic congress

On the other hand, in relation to the speed of the recovery, the minister said: “That will be defined by the private sector, which will have to do with whether it is understood that it is time to invest.” He also stated that once there is a surplus, the “people will be given back” tax cut. In relation to the release from the trapThe Minister of Economy said that all the conditions are in place to carry it out.

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