Railway chaos in Cantabria leads to an urgent call for a meeting…

Railway chaos in Cantabria leads to an urgent call for a meeting…
Railway chaos in Cantabria leads to an urgent call for a meeting…

Roberto Media has convened the working group of the Railway network in Cantabria for next Thursday, July 11 at 11:00 a.m. The main objective of this meeting is to request Detailed explanations to RENFE and ADIF on the planned works on the roads connecting Palencia and Santander, as well as the duplication of the road between Santander and Torrelavega. In addition, concerns will be addressed regarding the passenger service interruption and viable alternatives will be sought to mitigate this impact.

Councillor Media has expressed his surprise and discomfort due to the lack of advance communication by the Government of Cantabria regarding the interruption of the railway service, highlighting the Importance of maintaining a close and transparent collaborative relationship with the competent ministry in all ongoing infrastructure initiatives in the region.

Despite the proximity of the start of the works to double the track, a deadline has not yet been defined. Detailed plan for the necessary transfers between Santander and Palenciaas well as between Santander and Torrelavega, a situation that is expected to be clarified during the next meeting.

The person responsible for Transport in Cantabria has emphasized the crucial need to inform users and passengers on the anticipated impacts, the alternative transport systems that will be implemented to minimise the inconvenience and the estimated duration of the works.

“Although we understand that all construction work generates inevitable inconveniences, it is essential to work with more advanced planning,” The minister stressed, reaffirming the commitment of his department to defend the interests and needs of citizens. These critical issues will be addressed in depth during the meeting on Thursday, which is scheduled to take place in the multipurpose room of the headquarters of the General Directorate of Transport and Communications, where it is expected that concrete solutions will be found and clear measures will be established to manage this situation effectively and with the least possible impact on users of the railway service in Cantabria.

The Mayor of Santander, Gema Igual (PP)has also harshly criticized the handling of this matter, calling it “bad news” the train cut that the railway connection to the city will suffer in the month of August announced by Adif. The same has denounced the “lack of institutional respect” after having learned about it through the media, as well as pointing out that for the tourism sector it is a «palo».

Regarding this cut occurring in the month of August, the mayor has indicated that “They haven’t explained to us if it was the best time” to carry it out, and has criticized that it is not done beforehand. In this sense, he has denounced the “lack of foresight and warning” for both the tourism sector and tourists, and has warned of the “incognitos” that this situation generates, such as the price of the service, what it will be like or how long the trip will last.

“It cannot be that these issues are improvised,” comments Media, reflecting the general feeling of the Cantabrian authorities in the face of what they consider to be poor management by the responsible entities.

He also regretted that, given the frequency of flights and buses, “it is less than we would like”and that of the trains “it is worse”has stated that the “The only alternative left to be self-employed and come with guarantees is the vehicle”something that “it goes against” of sustainable urban planning, since, as he said, “We are all trying to prevent so many vehicles from entering the city”.

Adif announced yesterday that work on the new railway connection with Cantabria will begin in August, which will cause a one-month interruption. According to the announcement, the work, which will take place between 1 and 31 August, is incompatible with circulation and will affect different services in Santander, Torrelavega and Reinosa, so RENFE is finalizing the alternative road transport plan to ensure user mobility.

The mayor of Santander has concluded that the lack of planning and coordination is “absolutely unacceptable”and has urged the competent authorities to “to face” to proportionate clear solutions to ensure that citizens and tourists are not harmed by these disruptions. “It is a lack of institutional respect,” Igual has stated, summarizing the feelings of many Cantabrians who see this situation as an example of the disorganization and lack of foresight in the management of critical infrastructures for the region.

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