Canada makes history by eliminating Venezuela and is already waiting for Argentina

Canada makes history by eliminating Venezuela and is already waiting for Argentina
Canada makes history by eliminating Venezuela and is already waiting for Argentina

The debutante Canada qualified for the semi-finals of the America Cup after defeating in the penalty shootout Venezuelathus destroying the dream of the Vinotinto, who arrived at the quarterfinals ready to make history. The enormous AT&T Stadium of the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL resounded with the ‘Gloria al Bravo Pueblo’ sung at the top of their lungs by the more than 50,000 Venezuelans who went to the stadium. A show of force that gave more than one person goosebumps.

But that impressive display in the stands did not translate into dominance on the pitch. Canada gave an early warning, when Rafael Romo’s run gave them a double chance from Jonathan David and Cyle Larin, both of which were aimed at goal with the goalkeeper outplayed and heroically cleared by Jon Aramburu.

The Venezuelans had not recovered from their scare when the Canadian goal came from a run down the right flank by David, who put the ball in the six-yard box for Jacob Shaffelburg, with the defenders on top of him, to finish close to Romo’s post. For a moment it seemed that the Vinotinto had control of the match, but the rush, despite the fact that only a quarter of an hour had passed, created a lot of space in their rearguard.

Canada had clear chances, but suffered from the lack of goalscoring that they have suffered so far in the tournament. Once again, Shaffelburg, nicknamed the ‘marine Messi’ in Canada, had the second chance with a shot from the edge of the area that Romo managed to deflect for a corner.

The MLS Nashville winger was again the protagonist in the next play, assisting David who, alone against Romo, inexplicably missed the ball. Shaffelburg did what he wanted on Aramburu’s left flank and Canada, very effective in transitions, created danger on almost every occasion.

Koné and company celebrate their qualification to the semi-finals of the Copa América


Richmond Laryea would then send another ball wide shortly after, after finishing unmarked in front of Romo. At the break, the Venezuelans, who hardly troubled Maxime Crépeau, could only rely on ‘faith’ to explain why the score was only 0-1. José ‘el Brujo’ Martínez could have equalised shortly after the restart with a rebounded ball that fell to his feet inside Crépeau’s area, but his shot went over the crossbar.

Canada was no longer attacking like in the first half, but the Vinotinto played hastily, with imprecise passing. Eduard Bello had another excellent chance in the 58th minute, which Crépeau, the goalkeeper with the most saves in the tournament, saved with his hand over the crossbar.

One of those imprecise passes, this one by Nahuel Ferraresi, gave Venezuela the chance to score Canada’s second, but fortunately for the center back Laryea, he arrived exhausted in Romo’s box. Shortly after, AT&T Stadium exploded. Aramburu cleared a cross into the Canadian box from the wing. Salomón Rondón caught it and almost from midfield beat a very advanced Crépeau with a surgical chip. 1-1 in the 64th minute.

Rondón, at the moment of scoring Venezuela’s goal in regulation time


After the equaliser, a new game began, completely broken, without any kind of pause, in which both Romo and Crépeau saw their goal repeatedly threatened. Miguel Navarro sent a clear chance into the clouds and then, in the 85th minute, Rondón saw Crépeau add another save to his collection.

With no more goals in regulation time, the tie went to penalties. It was a nail-biting shootout, with Venezuela and Canada tied 3-3 after the first five shots.

Wilker Ángel, who had come on for the shootout, missed the sixth, and Ismaël Koné broke the tie, leaving AT&T Stadium absolutely frozen and silent. There was no one to celebrate. Venezuela was unable to make history on its independence day, but Canada did. Semifinalist in its first participation in the Copa América. Argentina awaits.


1 (3) – Venezuela: Rafael Romo; Miguel Navarro, Yordan Osorio (Wilker Angel, m.90+2), Nahuel Ferraresi, Jon Aramburu; Yangel Herrera, Jose Martinez (Tomas Rincon, m.90+2), Cristian Caseres Jr. (Jhonder Cadiz, m.60); Eduard Bello (Jefferson Savarino, m.84), Yeferson Soteldo (Matias Lacava, m.84) and Solomon Rondon
1 (4) – Canada: Maximus Creeper; Alphonso Davies, Derek Cornelius, Moïse Bombito, Alistair Johnston; Jacob Shaffelburg (Liam Millar, m.62), Stephen Eustáquio, Joanathan Osorio (Ismaël Koné, m.81), Richmond Laryea (Tani Oluwaseyi, m.72); Cyle Larin (Ali Ahmed, m.72), Jonathan David
Goals: 0-1, Jacob Shaffelburg (m. 13′) 1-1, Solomon Rondon (m. 64)
Penalty shootout: 1-0: Rondón, goal. 1-1: David, goal. 1-1: Herrera, off. 1-1: Millar, off. 2-1: Rincón, goal. 2-2: Bombito, goal. 2-2: Savarino, for Crépeau. 2-2: Eustáquio, for Romo. 3-2: Cádiz, goal. 3-3: Davies, goal. 3-3: Ángel, for Crépeau. 3-4: Koné, goal
Referee: Wilton Sampaio (Brazil). He cautioned Venezuelan Jon Aramburu (m.90+4) and Canadians Jacob Shaffelburg (m.36) and Derek Cornelius (m.50)
Incidences: Quarter-final match of the 2024 Copa América played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington (Texas) in front of 51,080 spectators.

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