The challenge of maintaining attendance at Espanyol’s ground, more difficult with the new season ticket renewal campaign?

The challenge of maintaining attendance at Espanyol’s ground, more difficult with the new season ticket renewal campaign?
The challenge of maintaining attendance at Espanyol’s ground, more difficult with the new season ticket renewal campaign?

One of the fears that exists in the Espanyol A year ago, when the relegation to the Second Division was confirmed, the fans were going to leave the team alone, condemned to play after that tremendous disappointment in a competition that was a priori much less attractive than usual. However, once again, the Espanyol fans gave a lesson in loyalty to the colours, turning out en masse every 15 days to RCDE Stadium. According to the sources consulted, the average number of spectators was between 21,176 and 20,105 on average in the Perico fiefdom per game. In any case, it is proven that in some especially complicated moments for the team and the club, the stands have not failed. The range of tickets was 33,107 for the playoff final against Oviedoat 13,474 of the match against the Burgosin December of last year. According to the data that ‘Mundo Deportivo’ pointed out a few days ago, if we take the high range of data it is the fifth best average attendance of the fifteen seasons played in the RCDE Stadiumthe second best over the last twelve years, only surpassed by the 21,601 faithful who attended on average in the 2022-23 season, the one of the last relegation. In addition, it must be remembered that the first game of the season, played against the Racingwas played behind closed doors, penalizing attendance data.

The record average attendance at Cornellà-El Prat, renamed again after the break with Stage Front as RCDE Stadiumit still has the 2009-10, the year the new facility was inaugurated, with 27,861 spectators. In 2010-11, the average attendance dropped to 26,193; in 2011-12, to 23,927 and in 2012-13, to 21,103. Since then, the 20,000 mark has only been surpassed three times: in 2016-17 (20,383) and in the last two.

At the level of LaLiga Hypermotionthe team that brought in the most fans on average was the Real Zaragoza with 22,535 spectators, leaving second place on the podium for Espanyol. The second tier of Spanish football once again set a record figure after growing by 3% compared to the previous year, generating an average attendance of 10,494 spectators per match, something to which the Espanyolwhich in addition to the contribution of the number of its faithful at home has practically sold out tickets for all trips. Aragoneses and Catalans were the only two clubs that exceeded 20,000 spectators per game in the category, which has a dozen venues with a greater capacity than that figure. Eight stadiums exceeded 15,000 spectators per match, and ten obtained more than 10,000. On the contrary, Villarreal B, FC Andorra y SD Amorebieta did not reach 3,000 attendees per match, and three other clubs (CD Mirandes, AD Alcorcon y CD Eldense) did not reach 5,000 on average. The top 10 clubs are completed by Real Sporting (19.508), Real Oviedo (17.974), Real Valladolid (17.826), Real Racing Club (15.804), Elche CF (15.695), CD Tenerife (15.205), Levante UD (14.226) y Albacete Football (10,601). On the other hand, the champion, the Leganesremained at 8,659 spectators per match.

With these figures in Second, the Espanyol It would be located in the middle zone of the First Division teams, LaLiga EA Sports 23-24There are only nine Primera Division teams with more attendance than the blue and white club: Real Madrid (72.061), Atlético (59.121), Betis (51.259), Athletic (46.112), Valencia (43.420), FC Barcelona (39.843), Sevilla (34.984), Real society (31.667) y UD Las Palmas (25.176). Behind the Espanyol We found Celta (20.039) y AC Osasuna (19,703). The other Catalan team, the Gironais the second team with the lowest average attendance: 12,504 spectators have come to Montilivi on average every two weeks.

A remarkable fact is that in the last two games played at the stadium Espanyolthose of the first and second rounds of the promotion playoff against Sporting Gijon y Real Oviedo, The barrier of 30,000 spectators was surpassed. The challenge is to take the step up a category, maintain this upward trend and make these average attendances become common. RCDE Stadium. Something that the most critical voices believe will be difficult with the new renovation campaignwhich has not convinced certain blue and white fans, considering it not very conducive to the objective of continuing the good attendance at the stadium in recent matches.

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