The District aims to strengthen the bonds of peace and coexistence

The District aims to strengthen the bonds of peace and coexistence
The District aims to strengthen the bonds of peace and coexistence

In a joint effort to strengthen the bonds of peace and coexistence in Tumaco, the Promopaz project, led by the Social Pastoral of the Diocese and financed by the German Chancellery, organized a significant meeting on Human Rights and Culture of Peace. This event, held in collaboration with the Office of Citizen Coexistence of the National Police, took place at the Casa Estrella del Mar Meeting House.

The main objective of the workshop was to familiarize participants with the fundamental concepts of human rights and the culture of peace, inspiring deep reflection that leads to personal and community commitments. The importance of transforming territorial spaces into areas of peace and non-violence was highlighted, based on the principles established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


During the meeting, residents of Barrio Once de Noviembre, the Vereda Chajal community, San José de Caunapí and Etcr La Variante showed a notable interest in the 30 articles that make up the Universal Declaration, highlighting their continued relevance in the protection and promotion of human dignity. According to the participants, the application of these principles is crucial to building a solid peace at personal, family, community and social levels.

The active presence of the National Police, through its Office of Citizen Coexistence, enriched the workshop by providing skills and strategies for conflict resolution and mediation. This was seen as a fundamental step to cultivate a culture of peace and good coexistence in the different sectors of Tumaco, thus facing the challenges that affect community integrity and well-being.


The commander of the Tumaco Special Police District, Lieutenant Colonel Pablo Javier Galindo Valencia, participated in the event, demonstrating his personal commitment to the initiative, highlighting the importance of making the District a place of peace and security. His presence underlined the institutional support for building a safe and harmonious environment for all residents.

This meeting was not only a space for learning and reflection, but also an initiative of collective commitment to transform realities and consolidate peace in a region that seeks to overcome its historical challenges.

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