Nathalie Desplas’ management and tourism as a right

“Since I took office, the instructions of the then Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaumcoincided with my passion and objectives of strengthening institutional work to consolidate public actions, strengthening tourism not only as a driver of economic development, but as well-being for the inhabitants of Mexico City, positioning it as a right,” he said.

“I feel satisfied with the work done. I have been able to contribute to the Fourth Transformation by promoting social tourism, with an inclusive, equitable and human rights put justice and attention before the social problems surrounding tourism, especially in a post-pandemic stage,” he stressed in an interview with Ladevi Medios y Soluciones.

Contributions to the tourism sector in Mexico City

The head of Sectur CDMX highlighted programs and achievements, such as the program Traveling Hummingbirdwhich has benefited nearly a million people and has been internationally recognized for its social emphasis.

Another achievement is the inclusion of rural communities in tourism development through the design and promotion of tourist routes that offer cultural, natural and gastronomic experiences in indigenous towns and neighborhoods.

He also highlighted the record figures reached by the 2023 Tourism Market and that for the first time in the history of the Tianguis, the event extended to the streets of the city with the realization of the Mexico City Tourism Festival with the participation of all the states of the country.

Desplas highlighted the arrival of the Michelin Guide to the country’s capital and recognized the work of Mexico City Mixed Fund for Tourism Promotion and the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry (Canirac).

Chapultepec Forest-Mexico City-west.jpg

Chapultepec Castle offers beautiful panoramic views of the city and the forest


He also highlighted the reform of the Mexico City Tourism Lawwhich included the regulation of technological accommodation platforms and benefits users and residents; and was a long-standing demand of the hotel sector to compete on fairer terms.

Finally, the secretary mentioned the strengthening of the city’s statistical information system: “The generation of reliable and timely information is the basis for decision-making.”

The future of industry in the country’s capital

Desplas considered that it will be very important to continue viewing tourism as a priority sector in order to give continuity to the main public programs and strengthen the planning and development actions of the tourist offer in order to be more competitive. The objective, he assured, must be to integrate the communities in economic development, in order to continue generating jobs.

“I also think that investment in the development of urban and tourist infrastructure is important, as it will create productive opportunities for priority groups such as women and young people, as well as for the inhabitants of the indigenous communities of Mexico City.”

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