Vancsik stressed dialogue with producers to protect regional economies

Vancsik stressed dialogue with producers to protect regional economies
Vancsik stressed dialogue with producers to protect regional economies

Speaking to Channel 12, national deputy Daniel Vancsik recalled that the Province maintains contact with producers from Misiones farms to address their demands.

The province of Missions maintains a line of work that prioritizes direct contact with the producer. Through training, sector-specific financing and legislation which aim to regulate activity for the benefit of the local economy, solutions are provided with innovation and technology applied to agriculture.

The national deputy Daniel Vancsik visited various towns this week with the aim of maintaining contact with producersFrom the town of San Pedro, he spoke with Channel 12 to provide details about his work. During this session, he was able to learn about some of the problems that are being expressed in the productive sector, and to move forward on lines of work based on them.

Vancsik defended the management with a focus on producers

Vancsik said it is important to continue to survey the entire province, taking into account each situation. “The idea is to cover as many municipalities as possible and see the works that are being carried out”he specified. Regarding each particularity, the representative of the lower house explained that they develop different projects, of national or provincial scope.

On the topic of yerba mate, he said: “We are aware that the value of yerba mate leaves is low.” In this regard, he indicated that he informed the sector that they continue working on the creation of the Provincial Institute of Yerba Mate to maintain the minimum price. “They are paying them less than $200, which means that around 15 thousand families are at a disadvantage,” he said.

In response to this situation, the deputy said that they are designing different types of solutions. “We passed the Tobacco Law in parallel with the Bases Law, a benefit for the province and for the producers, in which 7% of the tax that was obtained goes to ANSES, for the retirees of the seven tobacco-producing provinces”he said. And he concluded that Misiones is the largest of the producing provinces in quantity.

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