Find out if your best ability is visual, auditory or rational

Find out if your best ability is visual, auditory or rational
Find out if your best ability is visual, auditory or rational

A questionnaire that will allow you to find out which learning methods are best for you.

This test allows you to visualize a particular aspect of your personality. The VARK test is a questionnaire designed to help people identify your learning style.

Personality test: choose a landscape and find out what you need right now

The acronym VARK refers to the four types of learning that humans can have. These can be visual, auditory, reading and kinesthetic learning. To answer it you must take a sheet of paper and write down the letters (V, A, R or K) that correspond to your chosen answers.

Personality test: what type of learning do you have?

1. I want to learn about a new project. I would like to request:

– An opportunity to talk about the project (A)

– Diagrams showing the stages of the project with benefit and cost graphs (V)

– A written report describing the main features of the project (R)

– Examples where the project has been used successfully (K)

2. When I learn from the internet, I like:

– Interesting written descriptions, lists and explanations (R)

– Videos that show how to make or construct something (V)

– Audio channels where I can listen to podcasts and interviews (A)

– The design and interesting visual features (V)

3. I have a heart problem. I would prefer the doctor to:

– Give me something to read to explain what’s wrong (R)

– Use a plastic model to show what is wrong (K)

– Describe in words what is wrong (A)

– Show me a diagram of what’s wrong (V)

4. I need to find my way to a store that a friend recommended to me. I:

– I would use a map (R)

– I would ask a friend to give me directions (A)

– I would write the name of the street that I must remember (V)

– I would use a place I know as a reference (K)

5. When choosing a career or area of ​​study, this is important to me:

– Communicate with others through dialogue (A)

– Apply my knowledge in real situations (K)

– Use words correctly in written communications (R)

– Working with designs, maps or graphs (V)

6. I want to learn how to do something new on a computer. I:

– I would talk to people who know the program (A)

– I would start using it and learn by trial and error (K)

– I would follow the diagrams in a book (V)

– I would read the written instructions that come with the program (R)

VARK test results

Once the test is finished, you have to count the majority of letters you got.

Majority of letter V: They are people who prefer information represented in visual formats such as graphs, diagrams and mind maps.

Majority of letter A: They are people who prefer to listen to information and learn best through discussions, lectures and audio recordings.

Majority of letter R: They are people who have a preference for information presented in words, whether written or read.

Majority of letter K: They are people who learn best through practical experiences, such as doing experiments, building models, or participating in activities that involve movement.

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