Venezuelan public ministry appoints prosecutor to investigate paramilitary threats against President Nicolás Maduro

The threats were reported by the Colombian paramilitary organization itself.

The Venezuelan Public Prosecutor’s Office appointed the 83rd National Prosecutor’s Office on Friday night to “investigate and punish new threats of assassination against Head of State Nicolás Maduro,” said the head of that entity, Tarek William Saab.

The decision was made after a statement was made public by a paramilitary group called “Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra,” better known as “Los Pachencas.”

Colombian paramilitary group claims to have been contacted for destabilizing plans in Venezuela

The statement said they were contacted by “groups of the Venezuelan far-right #fascist group to attack the President of the Republic and destabilize the country ahead of the elections,” Saab added.

Hours earlier, President Nicolás Maduro had denounced that the Venezuelan right was trying to bring in 1,000 paramilitaries from Colombia to destabilize the country’s peace.

The president said that “this group claims that they were contacted by the Venezuelan far right to bring in about a thousand men to generate violence in the border states, attack the electric service and when they cry fraud (the right) on July 28, they come in to create the sensation of a civil war in the country,” said the head of state, who stressed that Venezuela has many sources of intelligence and “we handle them with prudence, with wisdom, with understanding.”

It was in this sense that he publicly asked the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, to carry out the pertinent investigations in reference to this case: “This is coming out in real time, it is being sent to me from Colombia, and a journalist from that country corroborated the veracity of the video of this group with the intelligence of the Neogranadine nation.”

It was learned that this group issued a press release on Friday in which they claim to have been contacted by Venezuelan far-right groups to attack the head of state.

“Our units in the department of La Guajira have been contacted by far-right groups in Venezuela to destabilize the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The interlocutors have made all kinds of requests, including attacking the electrical infrastructure, acting against the candidate president Nicolás Maduro, and acting in case he is re-elected by infiltrating protests and creating chaos in the streets,” they indicated.

Author: teleSUR – DRL|

Source: VTV – Presidential Press

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