The King of the Goat: This is the family conflict that caused its closure

The King of the Goat: This is the family conflict that caused its closure
The King of the Goat: This is the family conflict that caused its closure

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The restaurant “El Rey del Cabrito”, known for its popularity among celebrities and its culinary tradition since 1986, has been closed on several occasions due to an intense family conflict involving its owners.

Founded by Jesús Alberto Martínez Garza, the restaurant is an icon in Monterrey, famous for its cabrito and its atmosphere decorated with chandeliers and sculptures.

With three branches in Cumbres, Obispado and the downtown area, the restaurant is known for its goat and other dishes such as arrachera, rib eye, machitos and fritada. In addition, it is frequented by celebrities and public figures, including Luis Miguel, Thalía and Vicente Fox.

What is the origin of family conflict?

The family conflict has its roots in a complaint filed in 2019 by Olga Valdez, wife of Jesús Alberto Martínez Garza, against her husband and son, Jaime Arturo Martínez Valdez.

Olga Valdez alleged that she was tricked into signing documents that illegally gave away her wealth, accumulated over more than 60 years. Despite her death in June 2023, Olga Valdez’s claim has continued to have significant legal repercussions.

On June 25, 2024, the Attorney General’s Office of Nuevo León seized two branches of El Rey del Cabrito, located on Avenida Constitución, one at its intersection with Doctor Coss, and the other in the Obispado neighborhood. The authorities placed closure seals on these establishments, in response to Olga Valdez’s complaint and a series of crimes of family and property violence dating back to 2022.

In addition to the restaurants, the house of Jesús Alberto Martínez Garza was seized, described as a home full of luxuries and a front for a luxury car business.

The Facebook account ‘La Esposa del Rey del Cabrito’, run by Olga Martinez Valdez, daughter of Olga Valdez, has been active posting about the case and celebrating the closures, claiming that justice is being done from heaven.

After almost a week of closure, these two branches were reopened and taken over under the management of Olga Martínez.

However, despite the fact that ‘justice is being done’ for Olga Valdez, the conflict continues; the third branch, located in Cumbres, published a statement indicating that the management of the restaurants located on Avenida Constitución are independent, that is, they are no longer involved in the service that can be provided, further highlighting the differences between the members of the family.

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