Torreón’s PRI prefers not to speak against ‘Alito’ Moreno; they expect an assembly

Torreón’s PRI prefers not to speak against ‘Alito’ Moreno; they expect an assembly
Torreón’s PRI prefers not to speak against ‘Alito’ Moreno; they expect an assembly

For the PRI secretary in Torreón, Felipe González Miranda, we will have to wait until the national assembly that will take place this Sunday, July 7, to determine the future of the political institution, considering that everything that has been said in recent days is rumors and speculation.

He was referring to the alleged intention of the national leader, Alejandro Moreno, to modify the party statutes in order to be able to be re-elected to the post for up to eight years, according to what has been said.

“We will wait to see the arguments and, if there are any, see the reasons, try to bring the cycle to a close and start a new process” with a view to renewing the leadership.

Felipe González Miranda considered that everything that has been said regarding the permanence of “Alito” Moreno in the national leadership of the PRI should be addressed in a political council, which will occur in the national assembly that will begin at 11:00 a.m. in Mexico City.

This comes after dozens of PRI members, including former governors and former party presidents, published a statement in which they reject the reelection of Alejandro Moreno and demand his immediate departure.

He said that, regardless of this issue, during the national meeting all the experiences gathered in the discussion tables that took place in the municipal and state assemblies that took place a few weeks ago will be presented.

Recovering the electoral assembly, and above all having public officials who are servants and close to the citizens, are the main conclusions reached in these assemblies and this will be presented at the national meeting of the PRI.

“I think that the closeness of the officials of the PRI governments to society is a very important factor. We have to have a greater sense of humility, of work, and more awareness of the fact that we owe our service to the citizens,” he said.

The party secretary in Torreón said he is convinced that the PRI structure continues to be the strongest in the country, and this is reflected in the general representation in each election, in polling stations with 100 percent coverage in each of the sections.

Roman Cepeda is more busy being mayor

Questioned on this subject, Román Alberto Cepeda said he was busier as mayor of Torreón, preparing for the end of the administration and the beginning of the next one after having been reelected for the next three years.

“I am concerned and busy with delivering results to Torreón and building a new administration,” although he also said that he remains attentive to what happens in the political institute of which he has been a part for 39 years.

Without going into detail about the possibility of Moreno being re-elected as national leader, Cepeda González said that “my comment is to wish the best to everyone for the good of Torreón, Coahuila and Mexico. Those of us who have a responsibility must look out for the common good, above ideology.”

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