All about trends and prices – Divinity

All about trends and prices – Divinity
All about trends and prices – Divinity

Marta BenayasMadrid 06/07/2024 09:30h.

Designs with a special aura that will delight the most demanding bridesCourtesy

In the fashion world, current trends are increasingly advocating a ‘return to roots’: craftsmanship, slower paces, and in general, more thoughtful ideas with which to achieve the look of pieces with their own character that have a distinctive feature. In other words, being able to wear clothes or accessories that have a distinctive feature that makes them special – and different – from the rest. The same thing happens in the bridal world. Beyond brides designing their own dresses, more and more of them want to wear totally exclusive jewelry, especially when it comes to rings.

Although many firms such as Aristocrazy o PDPaola There are also some that offer customization services, while others arise from the concept of creating something unique with services so that practically anyone can design their own jewel. A growing trend that will probably be one of the most used resources by brides in a few years.

But what is behind the process of, for example, creating an engagement ring from scratch? At Divinity we have spoken with Blanca Lopez Casas, founder of Blanca Jewels, one of the leading brands of bridal jewellery ‘made in Spain’, to learn in depth the ins and outs of this moment.

More and more couples are designing their ringsCourtesy of Blanca Jewels

“The process to follow when having a ring of these characteristics is simple but at the same time meticulous. It is designed so that those who trust in our work can disconnect, let themselves go and enjoy. Because one of the added values ​​of the brand is to be able to offer a unique and exclusive experience to each of our clients,” he explains.

He says that the Moodboards and reference photos The wedding rings that couples usually bring are usually the starting point for a job that usually lasts several months. “Many couples come with time, between a month or a month and a half, because they like to be present in the creative process and get involved in the design of the engagement ring. As the saying goes, ‘things in the palace go slowly’, and a service as personalized as the one we offer needs time.”

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The steps to follow

Blanca shares that First, an informative consultation and first appointment are made. to understand the tastes and needs of the future bride and that it is very important that they learn to put themselves in her shoes. “We often think that the size of a diamond is going to be the most important thing, but often the simplicity and elegance of a minimalist piece is more important. Everything depends, of course, on the tastes and style of the person.”

Next, They collect all the information and capture it in different sketches and 3D designs. the different proposals. The client then decides on the one that he or she likes and excites the most, and they offer the possibility of choosing from the type of stone, the design of the frame, the colour of the metal, the section of the ring… There are countless details to take into account.

The creation process takes approximately one month.Courtesy of Blanca Jewels

As for the deadlinesadds that the delivery time of a sample jewel is between ten and fifteen calendar days. “Our business philosophy is very ethical and sustainable, which means that we only produce what we really need. We have a small sample of stones and jewellery at our points of sale (Barcelona and Madrid) so that the client can get an idea. However, these designs that are made to order usually take a little longer, between twenty and thirty calendar days, depending on the complexity of the piece.”

The keys to the perfect ring

We asked the expert about what the Key points for a ring to succeed, And she is clear about this: the care that is put into designing it is crucial. “I always say that we do not sell jewellery but rather we materialise the beautiful story behind each one of them,” she adds, adding that they love to listen to their clients’ stories so that they can also contribute their point of view.

“It is also important to note that the ring must comply with a series of studies and proportions so that it is technically well resolved and complies with quality controls. A very important added value of the firm is that all the pieces have been designed from scratch They are named after the woman who will use them for the first time, is a way of making them part of our history and paying tribute to them.”

Aquamarine and diamondsCourtesy of Blanca Jewels

The season’s favorite trends

The designer says that the natural diamond It is the star of engagement rings and also the preferred stone because it is the hardest that exists in nature, both in brilliant cut and in princess cut or pear cut, which are more exclusive because it is harder to find them in nature.

Other stones that are also recommended and do not go unnoticed are: the emerald, the sapphire, the ruby ​​and the aquamarine. As for the color of metals, They opt for a different one depending on each type of person. “I see yellow gold more for the ‘daring girl’; pink, for the romantic, as it gives an elegant touch since it combines with all kinds of stones and blends with the skin color. On the other hand, white gold for the more classic and platinum for those who want pure exclusivity, as it is more difficult to find in jewelry workshops.

Blanca in the process of creating the ringCourtesy

As you can see, Each process is a worldbut if there is one thing she always recommends, it is to always opt for the most timeless designs when in doubt. “This way it is practically impossible to get it wrong.”

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