Successful test for the recovery of the hydrant system in San Rafael

Successful test for the recovery of the hydrant system in San Rafael
Successful test for the recovery of the hydrant system in San Rafael

A few days ago, Diario San Rafael reported on a large fire drill as a tool to test the capacity to respond to emergencies and also to highlight the value of the hydrants that exist in the City.

These are very important tools to help fight fires. They were installed by the old Obras Sanitarias and there were around 2,000 of them in different parts of the department.

The passage of time and disuse has meant that many are no longer in working order and others have been buried. According to estimates by the company Aguas Mendocinas, there are about 30 in working order, with pressure and flow.

The volunteer firefighters from Salto de las Rosas stressed that the experience was more than satisfactory. Various security agencies, the Rotary Club, the UTN, among others, participated in it.

“The main objective of the exercise was to evaluate the response capacity of the city’s hydrant system in the event of a major emergency,” they explained.

In the same sense, they indicated that “the excellent coordination and joint work with various entities in San Rafael, which was fundamental for the success of this practice.”


The event also highlighted the importance of the physical recovery, signage and visibility of the hydrants. “Although they exist in our city, a previous survey showed that several were blocked and inactive,” the officials explained.

These types of practices are intended to ensure that any agency involved in fighting fires can access these tools immediately and effectively. “This will not only improve the efficiency of the emergency response, but will also ensure that the necessary resources are available when required,” they stressed.


In addition to the use of hydrants, the exercise included the implementation of a water collection station using a canvas pool.

This allowed, with the supply of the municipality’s tanker trucks and hydrants, to accumulate large volumes of water, thus achieving greater extinguishing effectiveness.


“The preparation and coordination demonstrated in the drill are a clear example of how working together can strengthen our emergency response capacity and ensure the safety of our community,” the organization said.

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