Deep Purple release another preview of the album «=1» – Visions Of Atlantis release single – Hammerfall premieres «Freedom» – Metal Hammer Spain

Deep Purple release another preview of the album «=1» – Visions Of Atlantis release single – Hammerfall premieres «Freedom» – Metal Hammer Spain
Deep Purple release another preview of the album «=1» – Visions Of Atlantis release single – Hammerfall premieres «Freedom» – Metal Hammer Spain

Deep Purple’s mysterious album will be available on July 19

Following the success of their last two singles “Portable Door” and “Pictures Of You”, the legendary Deep Purple have released “Lazy Sod,” the third song from their upcoming album «=1».

Ian Gillan commented in an interview: «A young journalist recently asked me how many songs I had written in my life. I told her that the last time my assistant counted them, twenty years ago, it was over 500. I was feeling pretty accomplished until she pointed out the 5,000 songs in my life.» Dolly Partoncalling me a lazy person. I couldn’t help but agree and wrote down the exchange in my notebook.

«=1» is due out July 19 via earMUSIC. The LP marks the first full-length material from Deep Purple with new guitarist Simon McBride, who joined two years ago after the departure of Steve Morse.

McBride said: “The new album will reflect what the five of us created in the rehearsal room. A lot of the songs, like ‘Portable Door’, were written in the early sessions and literally came together in five or 10 minutes. It was all so easy and natural.”

Gillan added: “Throughout the history of Deep Purple“Our best songs have always been the ones that were written in a very short amount of time. We’ve played what we thought was right and developed songs the way we always have.”

The enigmatic title «=1» It symbolises the idea that in an increasingly complex world, everything eventually simplifies down to a single, unified essence. Everything is equal to one. Its full meaning will be revealed in the coming weeks, and the cover will also play its part.

Deep Purple – Lazy Sod

Visions Of Atlantis presents its new work

Visions Of Atlantis have released “Tonight I’m Alive”, the third single from their new studio album, titled «Pirates II – Armada»via Napalm Records.

The percussion of “Tonight I’m Alive” captivates with the rhythms of a pirate party on the eve of battle, with the roar of a hurricane. The song invites you to conquer the seven seas with the pirate queen Clémentine Delauney and Captain Michele Guaitoli in a pirate fleet.

Delauney comments on “Tonight I’m Alive”: “We stand on the eve of a dark future, with threats, enemies and clouds gathering in every direction. Standing on the edge of this cliff, looking out into the void that awaits us, one might run away, one might lose one’s mind. We pirates dance. We dance in the face of danger and death. We honor life. We remember that the purity of our heart and soul can never be taken from us. We remember that at this very moment we are alive. No matter what happens, we will dance in the rain.”

Ship’s log: July 5, 2024; High seas
«A new day of sailing begins, the wind on our side, and the sea speaks of recent battles. The air feels fresh – Hypocrisy, greed, envy – the hearts of the old world finally reveal their deceived truth. The old leaders are losing ground, their lies are getting worse and darkness is taking hold. Every sunny day hides a coming storm, nature tests our strength for the last battle.»

«We have become pirates like our counterparts, free-spirited and true at heart. Navigating through storms that try to make us doubt, we see the light in the darkness. The old truth is fading away, making room for a new story. Our destiny is in our hands, in our hearts, in every step we take. Reconnecting with ourselves, we touch the essence of life we ​​share with all creatures. Together, unstoppable, connected to the truth, guided by the sun and the storms.»

«We will rule the oceans, the continent, every street, every house, spreading hope. Our pirate cries will last for centuries, with the ancestors humming our melodies, our words sung in the new world we create. Our glory will live forever. United as one force, one army, under one final Armada.»

Visions Of Atlantis – Tonight I’m Alive

Hammerfall’s strongest album

Hammer fall has released “Freedom,” the third single from her upcoming album, «Avenge The Fallen»due out August 9th via Nuclear Blast Records.

When it comes to the album’s main theme, frontman Joacim Cans mentions “freedom” and the need to let anyone be who they want to be. It’s represented on the album’s cover, where the band’s faithful warrior Hector chooses to follow his own path, despite what others tell him to do. Just like Hammer fall has done so and always will.

The guitarist of Hammer fallOscar Dronjak, spoke about «Avenge The Fallen» In an interview, he said: “We’ve been working really hard on it. I’ve been living with the songs for… some songs are five years old as well, so I’ve had them for a while. I’ve been living with the material for so long, and we actually recorded in November, December and January as well, a little bit, so we’ve been doing it for a while now. Now I feel anxious to show people what we’ve done. I’m really proud of the album. I think we’ve made one of our strongest albums in recent years, in my opinion – this can vary a lot for everyone else.”

He continued: “I’m very happy about three things. First, all the songs on the album have a purpose, so if you take one away, the whole thing will collapse in the middle somehow, even if it’s one of the non-singles, so to speak, the ones we don’t think are the strongest, even the others would have an impact if you take them away. And I also think the production of this album is, I mean the performance of us as well, because we start with the drums, recording the drums, and then everyone else builds their material on top of that. And David [Wallin] He came into this so focused and with so much energy and his drumming is so powerful that when it was over, everyone was like, ‘Shit, now we have to step it up as well,’ because he set the bar up here, so we just kept going and feeding off of it. From that, of course, when we recorded the bass and the guitars, and then during these recordings, Fredrik Nordström, the producer, and he was also going to do the mixing at the end, he was like, ‘Oh shit, guys. ’ Now I feel pressured to step it up a level as well, because you’ve already reached it. ’ So for us, the production is… I think when we recorded the previous album, ‘Hammer Of Dawn’ [de 2022]we did a good job with that one too, but it was kind of hard to get the energy because we recorded that during the pandemic. So the pandemic had put a kind of filter on top of it. I mean, you can’t tell when we released that album, but I think if you compare the two, you can feel the difference, because this one is much more energetic and much more powerful in every way. And I think the songs too. I’m really happy with the songs this time around. I think they’re diverse, they’re well-written.

Hammerfall – Freedom

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